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Author: Barry Leonard
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: teens, facts, marijuana
Number of Pages: 40
Published: 2007-10-01
ISBN-10: 1422316181
ISBN-13: 9781422316184

Contents: What is marijuana? How is it used? How long does it stay in the user's body? How many teens smoke marijuana? Why do young people use it? What happens if you smoke it? What are the short-term effects of marijuana use? Does marijuana affect school, sports, or other activities? What are the long-term effects of marijuana use? Does marijuana lead to the use of other drugs? How can you tell if someone has been using marijuana? Is marijuana sometimes used as a medicine? How does marijuana affect driving? If a woman is pregnant & smokes marijuana, will it hurt the baby? What does marijuana

Author: Paul Jones
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: allow, medical, purposes, laws, states, experience, four, marijuana
Number of Pages: 70
Published: 2002-01-01
ISBN-10: 0756729912
ISBN-13: 9780756729912

A number of states have adopted laws that allow medical use of marijuana. Federal law, however, does not recognize any accepted medical use for marijuana & individuals remain subject to federal prosecution for marijuana possession. Debate continues over the medical effectiveness of marijuana, & over government policies surrounding medical use. This report examines the implementation of medical marijuana laws in selected states: Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, & California, because they had medical marijuana laws in effect for at least 6 months & some data was available on patient & physician participa

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: house, representatives, judiciary, committee, america, hearing, marijuana
Number of Pages: 188
Published: 1996-05-01
ISBN-10: 0788149210
ISBN-13: 9780788149214

Examines the increasing use of marijuana by youth in the U.S. Presents an opening statement by Florida Rep. Bill McCollum, chairman of the Subcommittee on Crime. Witnesses include representatives from: the National Review, the Alexandria, VA Police Dept., Drug Watch International, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Nat. Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Nat. Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, & the International Drug Strategy Institute. Includes additional prepared statements, letters, etc. submitted for the record.

Author: Marsha Manatt
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: parents, action, peers, pot
Number of Pages: 173
Published: 1983-06-01
ISBN-10: 0788130919
ISBN-13: 9780788130915

Recommended for parents, physicians, schools, clergy, and voluntary organizations who want to get involved in stopping the spread of marijuana use among the nationsı teens. Includes success stories of parentsı interventions and explanations of the main issues. Real-life stories of communities bonding together against marijuana, parent movements, and suburban programs provide inspiration to readers. Locations profiled include: Georgia, Nassau County, NY, Tipton, Pendleton, and Zionsville, Indiana, and more.

Author: Danny Lee Breeden
Publisher: Danny Breeden
Keywords: choice, hard
Number of Pages: 168
Published: 2008-01
ISBN-10: 1604745649
ISBN-13: 9781604745641

This is the story of Joe, a poor, middle-aged block mason from Appalachia who decided to try his hand at a life of crime. He wasnat cut out to be a bank robber or thief. However, when his cousin John returned to town with stories of the huge amount of money being made in the marijuana cultivation business, Joe was intrigued to say the least. The Hard Choice chronicles seven years of Joeas life as he stumbles through the sometimes unglamourous world of a pot grower. Joeas story exposes the human side of this shady business. If you have ever been curious about marijuana cultivation, or wondered

Author: Arooka
Publisher: Free World Press Ltd.
Keywords: marijuana, spyguide, ultimate, bong, james
Number of Pages: 263
ISBN-10: 0973892803
ISBN-13: 9780973892802

Author: Angela Brittingham
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: main, findings, abuse, drug, household, survey, national
Number of Pages: 353
Published: 1998-12-01
ISBN-10: 0788174193
ISBN-13: 9780788174193

Presents results from the 1996 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, including a comprehensive description of the NHSDA methodology and reporting of findings. Survey results address trends in drug use, 1979 to 1996; marijuana; cocaine; inhalants, hallucinogens, and heroin; nonmedical use of psychotherapeutic drugs; alcohol; cigarettes and smokeless tobacco; problems associated with marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and cigarettes; drug use patterns; mental health problems and syndromes; and more. Includes sample answer sheets from the 1996 survey. Over 100 tables.
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