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Author: Danielle Glass
Publisher: College Prowler
Keywords: record, college, marshall, franklin
Number of Pages: 109
Published: 2011-03-15
ISBN-10: 1427404275
ISBN-13: 9781427404275

College guides written by students for students.Franklin & Marshall College Students Tell It Like It IsThis insider guide to Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, features more than 160 pages of in-depth information, including student reviews, rankings across 20 campus life topics, and insider tips from students on campus. Written by a student at Franklin & Marshall, this guidebook gives you the inside scoop on everything from academics and nightlife to housing and the meal plan. Read both the good and the bad and discover if F&M is right for you.One of nearly 500 College Prowler guide

Author: Margaret Legowski
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: guide, video, islands, marshall, destination
Number of Pages: 76
Published: 1992-06
ISBN-10: 0788147331
ISBN-13: 9780788147333

The activities in this video guide have been designed for a 3-5 day minimum on one of the nations of Oceania: the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Used in conjunction with the videotape, students can compare and contrast aspects of Marshallese and American culture, and relate the fundamental geographic themes of location, place, and movement to the history and culture of the Marshall Islands. Contents: teacher's guide; grades 3-5 with worksheets; grades 6-9 with worksheets; grades 10-12 with worksheets; resource list. Illustrated.

Author: Marshall Wilder
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: vicinity, boston, horticulture
Number of Pages: 94
Published: 2009-01-01
ISBN-10: 1429013931
ISBN-13: 9781429013932

"This 1881 work by Marshall Wilder, president of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, provides an interesting history of horticulture in the city of Boston and its surrounding area."

Author: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: century, learned, lessons, plan, marshall
Number of Pages: 140
Published: 2008-09-17
ISBN-10: 9264044248
ISBN-13: 9789264044241

"There are not many of us left who served through the Marshall Plan from its beginning, and fewer still who served time in the Hotel Talleyrand in Paris, the site of the anniversary celebration, in June 2007, of Secretary George C. Marshall’s 1947 commencement address launching the European Recovery Program.  There are, though, scholars who can address those times and evaluate them so that the experience can live on.    "The dedication of the Hotel de Talleyrand as a memorial to that unique enterprise provided the opportunity; and the analyses and evaluations in this splendid volume, The

Author: National Research Council (U.S.).
Publisher: National Academies
Keywords: research, space, marshall, flight, center, alabama, george, opportunities, postdoctoral, associateships, senior, awards, resident, tenable
Number of Pages: 68
Published: 1997
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Author: Marshall Clagett
Publisher: American Philosophical Society
Keywords: science, egyptian, ancient
Number of Pages: 756
Published: 2004-06
ISBN-10: 0871692147
ISBN-13: 9780871692146

This volume is part of Marshall Clagett's three-volume study of the various aspects of science of Ancient Egypt. Volume Two covers calendars, clocks, and astonomical monuments. Within each area of treatment there is a fair chronology evident as benefits a historical work covering three millenia of activity. Includes more than 100 illustrations of documents and scientific objects.

Author: Marshall Clagett
Publisher: American Philosophical Society
Keywords: book, source, science, egyptian, ancient
Number of Pages: 446
Published: 1999-12
ISBN-10: 0871692325
ISBN-13: 9780871692320

This volume continues Marshall Clagett's studies of the various aspects of the science of Ancient Egypt. The volume gives a discourse on the nature and accomplishments of Egyptian mathematics and also informs the reader as to how our knowledge of Egyptian mathematics has grown since the publication of the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus toward the end of the 19th century. The author quotes and discusses interpretations of such authors as Eisenlohr, Griffith, Hultsch, Peet, Struce, Neugebauer, Chace, Glanville, van der Waerden, Bruins, Gillings, and others. He also also considers studies of more rec
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