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Author: Patricia A. Schuler
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: rural, middle, school, adolescents, gifted, perfectionism, perfectionistic, voices
Number of Pages: 135
Published: 2000-07-01
ISBN-10: 0788188267
ISBN-13: 9780788188268

Investigates the characteristics of perfectionistic gifted adolescents in a rural middle school, how they perceived their perfectionism, the influences on their perfectionism, & the consequences of their perfectionistic behaviors in the context of their rural middle school experiences. Qualitative & quantitative methods of data collection were employed to gather data from 20 gifted adolescents identified as having perfectionistic tendencies. Semi-structured interviews, record & document review, self-report teacher survey, & participant observation were used to identify factors that may influen

Author: Mona Yacoubian
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: european, initiatives, democracy, east, middle, promoting
Number of Pages: 16
Published: 2008-05
ISBN-10: 1422310477
ISBN-13: 9781422310472

European security concerns have focused increasingly on the potential for instability on Europeżs southern flank. In 1995, the European Union developed a framework for cooperation with the southern Mediterranean nations. In the aftermath of 9/11, the goal of encouraging the development of Middle East democracy has acquired greater urgency, not least in the eyes of the U.S., which has bolstered its own efforts to spur democratic reform. It will be important to assess the effectiveness of other democracy-promotion activities, including those undertaken by European counterparts. This report seek

Author: Bruce Maddy-weitzman
Publisher: The Moshe Dayan Center
Keywords: volume, xix, survey, contemporary, east, middle
Number of Pages: 760
Published: 1997-10-30
ISBN-10: 081333411X
ISBN-13: 9780813334110

THE authoritative reference work on contemporary Middle Eastern affairs, this 1995 edition is 19th in a series of annuals that provides a continuing up-to-date record and analysis of the rapidly changing events in this exceptionally complex part of the world. It covers the political and economic developments in Iran, Turkey, Israel, and 18 Arab countries stretching from Morocco to Iraq.

Author: Alasdair Drysdale
Publisher: Council on Foreign Relations
Keywords: process, peace, east, middle, syria
Number of Pages: 260
Published: 1991
ISBN-10: 0876091052
ISBN-13: 9780876091050

In Syria and the Middle East Peace Process, Alasdair Drysdale and Raymond A. Hinnebusch, two noted Middle East scholars, present the first detailed examination of Syria's role in the long struggle for an Arab-Israeli peace. They paint a surprising portrait of a county whose power is out of proportion to its size, economy, and resources. They explore the reasons behind this phenomeno most importantly, the Machiavellian brilliance of its leader, Hafez al-Asad. The authors address the origins of the Asad regime, Syrias strategy toward its Arab neighbors, its conflict with Israel, and the history

Author: Alexis Soyer
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: housewife, modern
Number of Pages: 390
Published: 2008-07
ISBN-10: 1429011696
ISBN-13: 9781429011693

An English Victorian-era "celebrity chef" Alexis Soyer's "The Modern Housewife" was a best-seller in its time. Aimed a women of the aspiring middle class, it was not simple a book of recipes, but rather a cookbook designed as an epistolary novel. Soyer created fictional characters, Hortence B. and Eloise L., who stood for the values of the era: Hortence was the efficient mistress of a smoothly-run, middle class household, while Eloise was ineffectual and sought Hortence's assistance. Through this conceit, Soyer does manage to include hundreds of recipes that were designed to meet the varying i

Author: Mark Nord
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: food, income, low, households, middle, increased, spending, declined, insecurity
Number of Pages: 25
Published: 2010-11
ISBN-10: 1437924832
ISBN-13: 9781437924831

From 2000-07, median spending on food by U.S. households declined by 12%, and by 6% relative to the Consumer Price Index for Food and Beverages. Over the same period, the national prevalence of very low food security increased by about one-third, from 3.1% of households in 2000 to 4.1% in 2007. The deterioration in food security was greatest in the second-lowest income quintile. These estimates are corroborated by corresponding declines in food expenditures by middle- and low-income households. The declines in food spending by middle- and low-income households were accompanied by increases in

Author: John L. Hayes
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: western, tennessee, kentucky, service, assessment, middle, flooding, floods, greater, nashville, including, record
Number of Pages: 93
Published: 2011-05
ISBN-10: 1437944949
ISBN-13: 9781437944945

On May 1-2, 2010, record-breaking rains struck KY and the TN Valley region. Western and Middle TN were hardest hit with local amounts of 18-20 inches to the south and west of Greater Nashville. Much of western and Middle TN, incl. Greater Nashville, experienced widespread, devastating flash flooding, as well as unprecedented flooding along the Cumberland river and its tributaries. The Nat. Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin. formed a service assessment team to evaluate the Nat. Weather Service (NWS) performance before and during the catastrophic flooding. This report will help the NWS perform its m
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