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Author: Donna L. Hoyert
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: data, final, deaths
Number of Pages: 112
Published: 2002-08-01
ISBN-10: 0756706416
ISBN-13: 9780756706418

Presents final 1997 data on U.S. deaths & death rates according to demographic & medical characteristics such as age, sex, race, Hispanic origin, marital status, educational attainment, injury at work, State of residence, & cause of death. Trends & patterns in general mortality, life expectancy, & infant & maternal mortality are also described. The report concludes that the overall improvements in general mortality & life expectancy in 1997 continue the long-term downward trend in U.S. mortality. The trend in U.S. infant mortality has steadily declined over the past four decades.

Author: Margaret Noonan
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: rev, jails, local, mortality
Number of Pages: 20
Published: 2011-06-01
ISBN-10: 1437942229
ISBN-13: 9781437942224

Describes the specific medical conditions causing deaths in jails nationwide during an eight-year period. For the leading medical causes of mortality, comparative estimates and mortality rates are presented by gender, age, race and Hispanic origin, and the length of time served in jail. The report includes detailed statistics on causes of death as well as more acute events such as suicides, homicides and accidents. Mortality as related to the size of the jail is also discussed. Jail inmate death rates are compared with rates in the general U.S. resident population using a direct standardizatio

Author: Marjorie A. Koblinsky
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: honduras, indonesia, jamaica, zimbabwe, egypt, china, maternal, mortality, learning, bolivia, reducing
Number of Pages: 150
Published: 2003-04-28
ISBN-10: 0821353926
ISBN-13: 9780821353929

The stimulus of this study was the question as to whether current program strategies can reduce maternal mortality quicker than in the historically successful countries for Malaysia and Sari Lanka. Through cases studies, research and analysis of extent data of safe motherhood programs in seven countries, the answer is yes: lessons learned concern six factors associated with recent success in reducing maternal mortality.This book provides a thorough analysis of factors reducing maternal mortality through three retrospective case studies in China, Honduras and Zimbabwe; and four research studies

Author: Carla Abou Zahr
Publisher: World Health Organization
Keywords: unicef, unfpa, developed, estimates, mortality, maternal
Number of Pages: 40
Published: 2004
ISBN-10: 9241562706
ISBN-13: 9789241562706

Reduction of maternal mortality is one of the major goals of several recent international conferences and has been included in the Millennium Development Goals. However, measuring maternal mortality is difficult and complex. Reliable estimates of the dimensions of the problem are not generally available and it is difficult to compare the data obtained from different sources and to assess the overall magnitude of the problem. In response to these challenges, WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA have developed an approach that seeks both to generate estimates for countries with no data and to correct available

Author: et al Eduard R. Bos
Publisher: World Bank Publication
Keywords: africa, saharan, sub, mortality, disease
Number of Pages: 416
Published: 2006-06-02
ISBN-10: 0821363972
ISBN-13: 9780821363973

Current data and trends in morbidity and mortality for the sub-Saharan Region as presented in this new edition reflect the heavy toll that HIV/AIDS has had on health indicators, leading to either a stalling or reversal of the gains made, not just for communicable disorders, but for cancers, as well as mental and neurological disorders.

Author: Indepth Network
Publisher: IDRC
Keywords: population, health, indepth, sites, countries, developing, survival
Number of Pages: 339
Published: 2002
ISBN-10: 0889369488
ISBN-13: 9780889369481

For the one billion people living in the world’s poorest countries, where the burden of disease is highest, those who are born or who die are still not counted. The health profile of these populations is akin to an iceberg: the bulk of reliable data remains hidden. This great information void is a major, long-standing constraint to the articulation of effective policies and programs aimed at improving the health of the world’s poor. As such, it perpetuates profound health inequities in the developing nations of the South. This first volume of Population and Health in Developing Countries p

Author: M. S. Burgher
Publisher: WHO Regional Office Europe
Keywords: patterns, subnational, europe, mortality, atlas
Number of Pages: 270
Published: 1997
ISBN-10: 9289013397
ISBN-13: 9789289013390

A color atlas depicting the geographical patterns of death, by cause and by sex throughout Europe, at both national and subnational levels. Data from 1980/1981 and 1990/1991 are included to facilitate the detection of trends over time. Furthermore, by showing mortality rates for administrative areas within countries, the atlas allows detection of geographical differences that are concealed when national average mortality rates are used alone for the purposes of international comparisons. The atlas is the result of a project conducted by the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health in col
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