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Author: U Pandita
Publisher: Panditãrãma
Keywords: mahsatipaṭṭhna, sutta, based, nibbna, way, practical
Number of Pages: 203
Published: 2007
ISBN-10: 9810576250
ISBN-13: 9789810576257

Authors: T Y Lee,  Ajahn Brahm, Piya Ta,
Publisher: KepMedia International
Keywords: heaven, nibbana, path, anyone
Number of Pages: 84
Published: 2013-06-04
ISBN-10: 9810589417
ISBN-13: 9789810589417

The profound principles of the Buddha’s Teachings are systematically presented and lucidly explained by T Y Lee in a very readable style that is contemporary, simple and convincing. A firm and ’friendly’ stepping stone for seekers looking for an overview of the basic principles of Buddhism." - Ven. Aggacitta “Buddhism is more than a religion, it is a way of using the mind. Buddhists don’t just have different beliefs from others, they gradually learn to use their minds differently and with the transformation of the mind everything else changes. This little book of
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