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Author: Jay Hirschman
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: nutrition, international, conference, response, report, action, themes
Number of Pages: 71
Published: 1996-06-01
ISBN-10: 0788146211
ISBN-13: 9780788146213

Presents principles & themes to facilitate the improvement of nutrition. The first part focuses on improvement of nutrition within the U.S. It describes the current situation in the U.S., how nutrition action is achieved, & the country's overall goals for nutrition action. The report describes 7 broad strategies that are means to achieve a healthier & more productive society: eating for health; nutrition security for all; safe food & water; nutrition monitoring; promoting breastfeeding; nutrition-sensitive research; & human nutrition research. The second part focuses on international issues &

Author: Todd David Benson
Publisher: Intl Food Policy Res Inst
Keywords: situation, security, nutrition, food, africa
Number of Pages: 70
Published: 2004
ISBN-10: 0896296490
ISBN-13: 9780896296497

Food and nutrition security; Food and nutrition security in Africa: current status and trends; Action to address food and nutrition insecurity; Advancing food and nutrition security.

Author: Herbert Pollack
Publisher: National Academies
Keywords: nutrition, board, therapeutic, medical, research, department, defense, development, committee, reference, special, military, situations, report, food
Number of Pages: 118
Published: 1951
eBookDB-ID: NAP:05315

Author: Active Interest Media, Inc.
Publisher: Active Interest Media, Inc.
Keywords: nutrition
Number of Pages: 72
Published: 2004-10
eBookDB-ID: 0405668X

Reaching nearly 1 million readers monthly, Better Nutrition celebrates 70 years as a leading in-store distributed magazine for health conscious consumers. Widely distributed to thousands of health-food stores and grocery chains across the country, Better Nutrition provides authoritative, well-researched information on food nutrition, dietary concerns, supplements and other natural products.

Author: Priscilla Smith
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: years, research, ers, policy, assistance, food, nutrition, informing
Number of Pages: 62
Published: 2009-05
ISBN-10: 1437911056
ISBN-13: 9781437911053

About 1 in 5 Americans participates in at least one of USDAżs food and nutrition assistance programs. Sound research is needed to ensure that the programs operate effectively and efficiently. Since 1998, Congress has provided funds to the USDAżs Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Program (FANRP) to study and evaluate the Nationżs domestic food and nutrition assistance programs. FANRP has become the premier source of food and nutrition assistance research in the U.S., sponsoring over 600 publications on a wide range of topics related to food and nutrition assistance. This report, prepare

Author: Robert E. Robertson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: six, wic, agencies, resources, nonprogram, assistance, activities, food
Number of Pages: 118
Published: 2001-04-01
ISBN-10: 0756708893
ISBN-13: 9780756708894

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, & Children (WIC) is a federally funded nutrition assistance program administered by the Food & Nutrition Service. It provides supplemental foods & nutrition services to lower-income pregnant, breastfeeding, & postpartum women, infants, & children up to age 5 who are at nutritional risk. This report provides info. on the: ways WIC agencies deliver nutrition services & administer the program; ways staff at WIC agencies allocate their time delivering nutrition services & administering the program; & types of nonprogram resources used

Author: Ann Burgess
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
Keywords: guide, nutrition, family
Number of Pages: 112
Published: 2004
ISBN-10: 9251052336
ISBN-13: 9789251052334

The "Family Nutrition Guide" is a practical guide that aims to improve the feeding and nutrition of families in developing countries. It is primarily written for health workers, nutritionists, agricultural extensionists or other development workers who design nutrition education materials and activities and work with people at community level. It should also be useful to mothers or other caregivers who want to know more about family feeding, as well as anyone training health staff and other community-level workers. Topics cover basic nutrition, family food security, meal planning, food hygiene
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