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Author: U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Publisher: GPO FCIC
Keywords: mail, online, lenses, contact, buying
Number of Pages: 2
Published: 2009-01-01
ISBN-10: 1612210813
ISBN-13: 9781612210810

Tips to follow when ordering contact lenses online or through the mail, including prescription information required and what to watch out for.

Author: Linda Criddle
Publisher: Rohitcomputers
Keywords: internet, family, protect, ways
Number of Pages: 34
Published: 2006-10-18
ISBN-10: 0735623473
ISBN-13: 9780735623477

Your parents taught you to look both ways before crossing the street. Now, learn the rules of the road—and help protect yourself online with Internet child-safety authority Linda Criddle. Using real-life examples, Linda teaches the simple steps you and your family can take to help identify and avoid Internet dangers—and still enjoy your time online. Help protect your family and learn how to: Blog, instant message, and play games without inadvertently revealing personal information Take safety precautions if you participate in online dating Recognize and avoid phony e-mail, instant message

Author: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Publisher: GPO FCIC
Keywords: shopping, paying, bill, banking, online
Number of Pages: 8
Published: 2009-01-01
ISBN-10: 1612210627
ISBN-13: 9781612210629

Shop and pay bills online with confidence, using this collection of top tips for protecting yourself from Internet thieves. Also discusses new federal rules about overdraft fees, tips for managing medical debt, and advice for small businesses.

Author: Altova Online Training
Publisher: Altova, Inc.
Keywords: online, training, accelerated, schema, xml, altova
Number of Pages: 658
Published: 2005-01-18
ISBN-10: 1933210044
ISBN-13: 9781933210049

Author: Barry Leonard
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: online, advertising, information, disclosures, com, dot
Number of Pages: 118
Published: 2000-09-01
ISBN-10: 0756702534
ISBN-13: 9780756702533

Report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on the information that businesses should consider as they develop online advertisements to ensure that they comply with the law. The same consumer protection laws that apply to commercial activities in other media apply online. The FTC Act's prohibition on unfair or deceptive acts or practicesÓ encompasses Internet advertisements, marketing & sales. It discusses: (1) the requirement for clear & conspicuous disclosures to prevent an advertisement from being misleading, to ensure that consumers receive material information about the terms of a trans

Author: Frances Green
Publisher: Renaissance House
Keywords: usa, pages, gayellow
Number of Pages: 540
Published: 2010-04-05
ISBN-10: 1885404263
ISBN-13: 9781885404268

We are a directory of resources (business and organizational) for LGBTQI USA, sold in gay-friendly bookstores since 1973 and available online (updated monthly) at no charge. Canada online only at present. "The most reliable Gay print source in the Gay community. I've been using it since the 1970s." -- Dr Charles Silverstein, author of 'The Joy of Gay Sex'.

Author: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: theft, identity, online
Number of Pages: 142
Published: 2009-03
ISBN-10: 9264056580
ISBN-13: 9789264056589

The growth of Internet and e-commerce has taken ID theft to new levels. Using widely available Internet tools, thieves trick unsuspecting computer users into providing personal data, which they then use for illicit purposes. The potential for fraud is a major hurdle in the evolution and growth of online commerce. E-payment and e-banking services -- the focus of this book -- suffer substantially from public mistrust. Given the growth of online ID theft, many OECD member countries have taken steps to ensure that consumers and Internet users are adequately protected. These steps encompass various
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