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Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: operations, operation, iraqi, combat, freedom, study, centric, case, network, coalition
Number of Pages: 104
ISBN-10: 1428980075
ISBN-13: 9781428980075

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: forces, operations, special
Number of Pages: 53
Published: 1994-05-01
ISBN-10: 0788107879
ISBN-13: 9780788107870

As a result of problems with several special operations missions in the 1980s, including the failed attempt to rescue American hostages from Iran in April 1980, Congress created a joint special operations command in 1987 to ensure the readiness of assigned forces. This report assesses how the command determines its force level and mix of active and reserve forces and examines issues affecting the readiness of special operations forces. Charts and tables.

Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: operations, stability, combat, transition, making, easier
Number of Pages: 105
ISBN-10: 1428910042
ISBN-13: 9781428910041

Author: Gerald L. Dillingham
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: present, environmental, challenges, growth, future, environment, airport, operations, aviation
Number of Pages: 106
Published: 2000-05
ISBN-10: 0756712548
ISBN-13: 9780756712549

Reviews: (1) the key concerns & challenges associated with airports' current operations & future growth -- particularly concerns about aircraft noise, water quality, & air pollutant emissions -- & the actions being taken by the nation's busiest airports to balance environmental concerns with such operations & growth; & (2) the actions taken by the FAA & other Federal agencies to address environmental concerns associated with airports' current operations & future growth. Contains recomm. to the DoT & the EPA to further assist airports as they attempt to balance their operations & growth with th

Author: Lloyd J. Austin III
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: operations, joint, affairs, religious
Number of Pages: 49
Published: 2010-11
ISBN-10: 1437938221
ISBN-13: 9781437938227

This publication provides doctrine for religious affairs in joint operations. It also provides information on the chaplainżs roles as the principal advisor to the joint force commander (JFC) on religious affairs and a key advisor on the impact of religion on military operations. The publication further provides information on the chaplainżs role of delivering and facilitating religious ministries in joint operations. Contents: (1) Basis of Religious Support: Introduction; Authorities; The Non-Combatant Status of the Chaplain; The Combatant Status of Enlisted Support Personnel; (2) Fundamenta

Author: Kay C. Goss
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: planning, operations, emergency, hazard, guide
Number of Pages: 277
Published: 1998-05
ISBN-10: 078814829X
ISBN-13: 9780788148293

Meant to aid State & local emergency managers in their efforts to develop & maintain a viable all-hazard emergency operations plan. This guide clarifies the preparedness, response, & short-term recovery planning elements that warrant inclusion in emergency operations plans. It offers the best judgment & recommendations on how to deal with the entire planning process -- from forming a planning team to writing the plan. Specific topics of discussion include: preliminary considerations, the planning process, emergency operations plan format, basic plan content, functional annex content, hazard-un

Author: Walter L. Sharp
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: operations, joint, support, intelligence, geospatial
Number of Pages: 135
Published: 2011-01
ISBN-10: 1437938264
ISBN-13: 9781437938265

This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. Provides doctrine for geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) support to joint operations. It discusses GEOINT roles, planning, coordination, production, dissemination, and existing architectures that support GEOINT and the geospatial info. and services and intelligence officer in planning, execution, and assessment of the mission. Sets forth joint doctrine to govern the activities and performance of the Armed Forces of the U.S. in operations and provides the doctrinal basis for interagency coordination and for U.S. military involvement
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