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Author: Robert Dennis
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: years, fiscal, outlook, economic, budget
Number of Pages: 182
Published: 2010-06
ISBN-10: 143792929X
ISBN-13: 9781437929294

This volume is one of a series of reports on the state of the budget and the economy issued each year. The report makes no recommendations. Contents: (1) The Budget Outlook; (2) The Economic Outlook; (3) The Spending Outlook; (4) The Revenue Outlook. Appendices: (A) The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009; (B) Changes in the Baseline Since August 2009; (C) How Changes in Economic Projections Can Affect Budget Projections; (D) Trust Funds and Measures of Federal Debt; (E) Economic Projections for 2009 to 2020; (F) Historical Budget Data; (G) Contributors to the Revenue and Spending P

Author: Douglas W. Elmendorf
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: august, update, outlook, economic, budget
Number of Pages: 92
Published: 2010-01
ISBN-10: 1437921795
ISBN-13: 9781437921793

Update of one of a series of reports on the state of the budget and the economy that is issued each year; the report makes no recommendations. Contents: (1) The Budget Outlook; (2) The Economic Outlook; (3) Changes in Baseline Since March 2009; (4) The Government¿s Actions in Support of the Housing and Financial Markets. Tables and graphs.

Author: Christian Howlett
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: update, outlook, economic, budget
Number of Pages: 112
Published: 2011-01
ISBN-10: 143793871X
ISBN-13: 9781437938715

This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. Contents: (1) The Budget Outlook: The Budget Deficit, Revenues, and Outlays in 2010; Baseline Budget Projections for 2011 to 2020; Budgetary Effects of Alternative Policy Actions; The Long-Term Budget Outlook; (2) The Economic Outlook: Factors Affecting the Pace of the Recovery; Labor Markets through 2014; Inflation Through 2014; Some Uncertainties in the Short-Term Economic Outlook; Output, Employment, and Inflation from 2015 Through 2020; Income from 2010 Through 2020; Comparison with the January 2010 Forecast; Comparison with

Author: Joyce Manchester
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: outlook, budget, term
Number of Pages: 90
Published: 2010-11
ISBN-10: 1437936040
ISBN-13: 9781437936049

Examines the pressures on the federal budget by presenting projections of federal spending and revenues over the coming decades. An aging population and rapidly rising health care costs will sharply increase federal spending for health care programs and Social Security. Such spending will cause federal debt to grow to unsustainable levels. Policymakers will need to let revenues increase substantially, decrease spending significantly, or adopt some combination of those two approaches. Contents of this report: Long-term Outlook for the Federal Budget; Long-term Outlook for Mandatory Spending on

Author: Gene L. Dodaro
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: term, fiscal, health, care, primarily, challenge, outlook, federal, driven
Number of Pages: 21
Published: 2008-12-01
ISBN-10: 1437906737
ISBN-13: 9781437906738

This statement addresses 4 key points: (1) the fed. gov¿t. long-term fiscal outlook is a matter of utmost concern; (2) this challenge is driven primarily by health care cost growth; (3) reform of health care is essential but other areas also need attention which requires a multi-pronged solution; and (4) the fed. gov¿t. faces increasing pressures yet a shrinking window of opportunity for phasing in needed adjustments. The simulations of the fed. gov¿t. long-term fiscal outlook continue to indicate that the long-term outlook is unsustainable. This update combined with an analysis of the fisc

Author: U S Government Printing Office
Publisher: Bernan Assoc
Keywords: handbook, outlook, occupational
Number of Pages: 520
Published: 1995
ISBN-10: 0160430445
ISBN-13: 9780160430442

A quality reprint of the government's Occupational Outlook Handbook, issued every two years. The OOH is the most widely respected and used career reference available. Features well-written, interesting descriptions for about 260 major jobs in the U.S. and summary information on additional jobs.

Author: Organisation for Economic Co-operation a (COR)
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: emerging, partners, africa, outlook, economic, african
Number of Pages: 308
Published: 2011-06-06
ISBN-10: 9264111751
ISBN-13: 9789264111752

Since 2002, the annual African Economic Outlook has been charting the progress of the continents economies. Africa was propelled by seven years of strong growth from 2002 to 2008, only to be stopped in its tracks by the worlds deepest and most widespread recession in half a century. This edition finds the continent struggling to get back on its feet and identify new, more crisis-resilient practices for moving forward. In this context, decision makers in African and OECD countries, both in the public and private sectors, will find this year's analysis of particular interest for their activities
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