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Author: Elise Goodman
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: femme, savante, celebrating, pompadour, madame, portraits
Number of Pages: 228
Published: 2000
ISBN-10: 0520217942
ISBN-13: 9780520217942

The femme savante portraits of Mme de Pompadour (1721-1764), the beautiful and cultivated woman who became the official mistress of Louis XV, are the focus of Elise Goodman's innovative study. The portraits are generally admired as the most glamorous, celebrated likenesses of a woman created during the French Enlightenment, and Goodman's book is the first to fully examine them in the context of the highly saturated feminist atmosphere that existed at the time. Goodman is interested in the iconography of the portraits, especially as seen in three works done by François Boucher and one each by

Author: Praveen Kumar
Publisher: AUTHOR
Keywords: passion, portraits
Number of Pages: 157
Published: 1997

Author: Audrey G. Spiro
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: chinese, portraiture, issues, social, ancients, aesthetic, contemplating
Number of Pages: 280
Published: 1990
ISBN-10: 0520065670
ISBN-13: 9780520065673

Drawing on a wide variety of contemporaneous sources from Chinese history, literature, religious writings, and art and literary criticism, Spiro provides the modern reader with an aesthetic and social context for understanding early Chinese portraiture. Contemplating the Ancients introduces portraits that were never intended to be physical likenesses of their subjects and illuminates the meaning they held for the viewers for whom they were made.Spiro focusses on fourth- and fifth-century sets of almost identi- cal portraits of individuals known collectively in Chinese history as the Seven Wort

Author: Helen Ennis
Publisher: National Library Australia
Keywords: visual, artists, australian, portraits, eye, reflecting
Number of Pages: 12
Published: 1996
ISBN-10: 0642106738
ISBN-13: 9780642106735

Author: Walter Horatio Pater
Publisher: Arc Manor LLC
Keywords: portraits, imaginary
Number of Pages: 97
Published: 2008-05-01
ISBN-10: 1604502274
ISBN-13: 9781604502275

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Author: Philippe Castetbon
Publisher: Silverback Books
Keywords: nudes, male
Number of Pages: 152
Published: 2005-10-25
ISBN-10: 2752801610
ISBN-13: 9782752801616

A stunning combination: Francois Rousseau, famous photographer, author of Modern adventurers, together with Philippe Castetbon, present a considerable collection of portraits and explicit photographs of nude men.

Author: Helen Scanlon
Publisher: HSRC Press
Keywords: reality, amp, representation
Number of Pages: 344
Published: 2007-11-12
ISBN-10: 0796921814
ISBN-13: 9780796921819

Drawing on the personal narratives of women from across the political spectrum in the Western Cape, this book presents an unusual and regional perspective on the political history of South African women. Within the context of the broad social and political processes affecting women at the time, the study examines some of the local social and political forces that informed women’s lives in the Western Cape. The women’s narratives provide nuanced insights into how issues of identity, race, class and culture intersected with politics in their lives, and demonstrate the sometimes painful inter
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