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Author: Unknown
Publisher: Congressional Budget Office
Keywords: primer, security, social
Number of Pages: 86
Published: 2001-09
ISBN-10: 0160509033
ISBN-13: 9780160509032

This primer on Social Security describes the elements of the program that are most relevant to the current debate about Social Security's future. It examines the demographic patterns that are causing the graying of the U.S. population and looks at several strategies that have been proposed for preparing for that aging population. The primer emphasizes the economic and budgetary aspects of Social Security -- particularly, how changes to the program might affect the nation's ability to deal with its impending demographic shift. Appendices: the economic effects of having the government issue debt

Author: Caleb Gattegno
Publisher: Educational Solutions
Keywords: primer, reading
Number of Pages: 82
Published: 2009-09-16
ISBN-10: 0878250379
ISBN-13: 9780878250370

Building on the work accomplished in Reading Primers R0 R1, Reading Primer R2 gets your learner in prime shape for reading the most common spellings in English. Besides the dozens of new sounds and spellings, students will also get a chance to read paragraphs and short stories for the first time.

Author: Caleb Gattegno
Publisher: Educational Solutions
Keywords: primer, reading
Number of Pages: 74
Published: 2009-09-16
ISBN-10: 0878250565
ISBN-13: 9780878250561

In this final primer book, your learner will practice all 59 sounds and 400+ spellings in the English language. Even the most rare and peculiar spellings are explored here, giving students all the tools they need to become master readers and spellers. Students will also learn about proper capitalization and punctuation on their way to becoming excellent writers.

Author: Caleb Gattegno
Publisher: Educational Solutions
Keywords: workbook, student
Number of Pages: 134
Published: 2009-09-24
ISBN-10: 087825062X
ISBN-13: 9780878250622

Each of the seven worksheets consists of eight types of challenges that will have students drawing, transforming words, and writing creative sentences. Student Workbook 1 starts at the beginning of Reading Primer R1 and finishes at the end of Reading Primer R2. Your learner will hop from beginning to read, to learning the basics of grammar, to expressing themself through writing.

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: peer, networking, advanced, guide, primer, appn
Number of Pages: 45
Published: 1995-10-01
ISBN-10: 0788123416
ISBN-13: 9780788123412

Covers: APPN evolution; competition; & enterprise networking criteria. Part 1. APPN Primer (platforms & links; network topologies; dynamic routing; network node servers; APPN directory services; class-of-service routing; fault tolerance; application services; network management; & integration with traditional SNA); Part 2. APPN Internals (network accessible units; establishing sessions; the extended bind; & label swapping). Also: subarea SNA primer; SNA routing, sessions, & addressing). SNA-APPN glossary & abbreviation guide.

Author: Lewis D. Eigen
Publisher: BEA Enterprises Inc
Keywords: primer, appointee, political, obama
Number of Pages: 381
Published: 2008-11-30
ISBN-10: 1935034057
ISBN-13: 9781935034056

The Obama administration will appoint 10 thousand New Federal Appointees outside of the Civil Service. Most of these new appointees, regardless of qualifiecations, will have had very little or no experience in the Federal enviornment with its pecululariies. A Federal veteran has produced a breezy, humerous but serious primer of much of what these appointees will face and how they can avoid the many pitfalles into which so many new appointees fall. For the citizen this is an inside story of how the bureaucracy really operates. President Obama and his cabinet will depend on these appointees to i

Author: William McGuffey
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: primer, eclectic, mcguffey
Number of Pages: 74
Published: 2010-10-12
ISBN-10: 1429040998
ISBN-13: 9781429040990

Learn to read the old fashioned way, with McGuffey's Eclectic Primer. This first reading book begins with the alphabet and moves from simple sentences made up of one-syllable words ("A cat and a rat.") through more difficult sentences of one-syllable words ("A good child likes to go to school."). The book includes "slate exercises" of the script alphabet and charming 19th century illustrations throughout. This is the revised 1879 edition. The McGuffey Readers are among the best known schoolbooks in the history of American education, having sold more than 120 million copies since the time of th
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