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Author: Mark L. Goldstein
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: recording, broadcast, radio, industries, rights, performance, observations, potential, effects, proposed, preliminary
Number of Pages: 23
Published: 2010-11
ISBN-10: 1437936393
ISBN-13: 9781437936391

Congress is considering legislation that would expand copyright protection for sound recordings. In particular, the proposed Performance Rights Act would eliminate an exemption that currently allows analog, non-subscription AM and FM radio to broadcast a sound recording without acquiring permission from and paying a royalty to the copyright holder, performers, and musicians. This report reviewed: (1) the current economic challenges facing the recording and broadcast radio industries; (2) the benefits both industries receive from their current relationship; (3) the potential effects of the prop

Author: Simon Doyle
Publisher: LULU
Keywords: thievery, prey
Number of Pages: 100
Published: November 18, 2006
eBookDB-ID: ML00379015

This is a case study that weighs the influence of a long-term lobbying campaign by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA), representing the multinational recording companies Warner, EMI, Sony-BMG, and Universal. In 1997, Canada signaled its intent to reform copyright for the digital age. This study uses government documents obtained through access-to-information requests to measure the influence of CRIA’s lobby on the pre-parliamentary and Cabinet phases of the Canadian government’s copyright policy development.

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: challenges, law, technology, copying, home, copyright
Number of Pages: 301
Published: 1989-10-01
ISBN-10: 0788125311
ISBN-13: 9780788125317

This report first examines home recording technologies. Then, focusing primarily on audiotaping, examines the ambiguous legal status of home copying. The report considers the economic effects that home audiotaping may have on the recording industry, contrasted to the effects that restricting home taping might have on consumers. Identifies a range of actions that either the Congress or the industry might pursue. Includes results of a national survey of home taping and copyright behavior. Photos, charts and tables.

Author: Godric Wilkie
Publisher: - J Robertson
Keywords: technology, recording, music, glossary, musician, jargonbuster, studio
Number of Pages: 115
Published: 1993-03-01
ISBN-10: 0951721429
ISBN-13: 9780951721421

Author: Get Through Guides
Publisher: Get Through Guides
Keywords: study, text, transactions, financial, recording, cat1
Number of Pages: 16
Published: 2009-01-01
ISBN-10: 1848080964
ISBN-13: 9781848080966

Author: Get Through Guides
Publisher: Get Through Guides
Keywords: key, notes, transactions, financial, recording, cat1
Number of Pages: 8
Published: 2009-01-01
ISBN-10: 1848081049
ISBN-13: 9781848081048

Author: N. Pinet
Publisher: Natural Resources Canada
Keywords: building, recording, collapse, taconian, wedge, orogenic, zone, deformation, mlange, chat, quebec, appalachians, polyphase, folded, cap
Number of Pages: 12
Published: 2008
ISBN-10: 0662477340
ISBN-13: 9780662477341
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