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Author: Maureen Taft-Morales
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: response, crisis, earthquake, haiti
Number of Pages: 30
Published: 2011-01
ISBN-10: 143792932X
ISBN-13: 9781437929324

This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. The largest earthquake ever recorded in Haiti devastated parts of the country, including the capital, on Jan. 12, 2010. The quake, centered about 15 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince, had a magnitude of 7.0. The focus of this report is on the immediate crisis in Haiti as a result of the earthquake and the U.S. and international response as of 1/15/10. Contents: (1) Current Conditions; (2) Haitian Govżt. Response; (3) Humanitarian Relief Operation; (4) U.S. Response; (5) International Response; (6) Response of International Finan

Author: William O. Jenkins
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: response, plans, congressional, testimony, effective, validating, criteria, developing, disaster
Number of Pages: 13
Published: 2011-04
ISBN-10: 1437939953
ISBN-13: 9781437939958

Among the lessons learned from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was that effective disaster response requires planning followed by the execution of training and exercises to validate those plans. FEMA is responsible for disaster response planning. This testimony focuses on: (1) criteria for effective disaster response planning established in FEMAżs National Response Framework; (2) additional guidance for disaster planning; (3) the status of disaster planning efforts; and (4) special circumstances in planning for oil spills. The auditor reviewed the policies and plans that form the basis of

Author: Gus A. Koehler
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: theory, conference, proceedings, chaos, learn, response, management, disaster
Number of Pages: 231
Published: 1997-07
ISBN-10: 0788144995
ISBN-13: 9780788144998

Contents: what disaster response management can learn from chaos theory; disaster in aisle 13 revisited; nonlinear analysis of disaster response data; disaster responder's perception of time; fractals & path dependent processes: a theoretical approach for characterizing emergency medical responses to major disasters; self-organization in disaster response: global strategies to support local action; & chaos theory & disaster response management: lessons for managing periods of extreme instability. Bibliography.

Author: Kenneth Prewitt
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: rate, census, response, testing, methods, increase, selecting, bureau, estimating, needs, procedures
Number of Pages: 53
Published: 2009-06-01
ISBN-10: 1437911447
ISBN-13: 9781437911442

The U.S. Census Bureau (Bureau) will spend at least $2 billion to enumerate households that did not return census forms during the 2010 Census. Increasing the response rate would reduce the number of households that Bureau field staff must visit. To address concerns about reducing the cost of enumerating these households, this report: (1) analyzed how the Bureau develops, supports, and updates the response rate estimate, and the extent to which the Bureau uses the estimate to inform its 2010 planning efforts; (2) described the methods the Bureau considered for increasing response and how it te

Author: Kevin R. Kosar
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: response, branchs, flood, executive, recovery, appointment, disaster, czar
Number of Pages: 14
Published: 2011-04
ISBN-10: 1437938388
ISBN-13: 9781437938388

In the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the press has looked to the past for examples of fed. responses to natural disasters that might serve as models for emulation today. The fed. response to the flood of 1927 featured Sec. of Commerce Herbert Hoover as the director of the flood response and wielding immense executive powers. This report describes the flood of 1927, and assesses the fed. government¿s response. Pres. Calvin Coolidge created a quasi-governmental commission that included members of his Cabinet and the Red Cross. This commission encouraged the publ

Authors: Lois M. Davis, Louis T. Mariano, Jennifer E. Pace
Publisher: RAND
Keywords: response, organizations, local, state, terrorism, prepared, combating
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2006
ISBN-10: 0833037382
ISBN-13: 9780833037381

This book presents the results of the third and final wave of a national survey to elicit assessments of state and local response agencies of the activities they have undertaken after 9/11 to respond to terrorist-related incidents and of federal programs intended to improve preparedness and readiness for terrorism. The survey also sought information on how state and local agencies are resourcing these activities. The survey results indicate that:In response to the 9/11 attacks, state and local response organizations took a number of steps to improve preparedness, e.g., updating mutual-aid agre

Author: Sharon L. Pickup
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: response, catastrophic, natural, disasters, military, guide, katrina, plans, exercises, needed, hurricane
Number of Pages: 74
Published: 2006-08
ISBN-10: 1422306720
ISBN-13: 9781422306727

Hurricane Katrina was one of the largest natural disasters in U.S. history. Despite a large deployment of resources at all levels, many have regarded the fed. response as inadequate. The GAO has a body of ongoing work that covers the fed. govt.'s preparedness & response to hurricanes Katrina & Rita. This review examined: (1) the extent to which pre-Katrina plans & training exercises reflected the military assistance that might be required during a catastrophic, domestic, natural disaster; (2) the military support provided in response to Katrina & factors that affected that response; & (3) the
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