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Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: hearing, response, international, revisited, darfur
Number of Pages: 188
ISBN-10: 1422320650
ISBN-13: 9781422320655

Author: A.D. Hartkamp
Publisher: CIMMYT
Keywords: based, approach, gis, revisited, production, environments, maize
Number of Pages: 37
Published: 2001
ISBN-10: 9706480501
ISBN-13: 9789706480507

Author: Ulf Engel
Publisher: GIGA-Hamburg
Keywords: dependency, development, constraints, aid, stability, revisited, political, tanzania
Number of Pages: 212
Published: 2000
ISBN-10: 3928049690
ISBN-13: 9783928049696

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: revisited, france, report, congressional, committees, paris, parking, department, decision, retain, embassy, state
Number of Pages: 42
ISBN-10: 1428949623
ISBN-13: 9781428949621

Author: John F. Kerry
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: committee, members, foreign, relations, senate, report, matters, revisited, bora, failed, bin, laden, tora
Number of Pages: 49
Published: 2010-04
ISBN-10: 1437926711
ISBN-13: 9781437926712

Author: Anne Manuel
Publisher: Human Rights Watch
Keywords: human, rights, salvador, report, supplement, revisited, tenth, nightmare
Number of Pages: 108
Published: 1988
ISBN-10: 0929692039
ISBN-13: 9780929692036

Authors: Nelson Lim, Daniela Golinelli, Michelle Cho
Publisher: RAND
Keywords: census, data, employment, spouse, military, revisited, working
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2007
ISBN-10: 0833041185
ISBN-13: 9780833041180

Previous studies have shown that military wives
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