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Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: lease, commercial, airports, sale, related, privatization, issues, airport
Number of Pages: 58
ISBN-10: 0788140620
ISBN-13: 9780788140624

The possible sale or lease of commercial airports in the U.S. to private companies has generated considerable attention in recent years. Such cities as New York and Los Angeles have considered privatizing their airports. This report examines: the current extent of private sector participation at commercial airports in the U.S. and foreign countries; the current incentives and barriers to the sale or lease of airports; and the potential implications for major stakeholders, such as passengers, airlines, and local, state, and Fed. gov't's., should airports be sold or leased.

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: practices, nations, divestitute, privatization, issues, budget
Number of Pages: 30
Published: 1996-05
ISBN-10: 0788129279
ISBN-13: 9780788129278

Reviews the divestiture experiences of central governments of several other nations relating to the privatization process; the valuation & preparation of the assets for sale; & the use & display of the sale proceeds for budgetary purposes. Focuses on the United Kingdom, Mexico, New Zealand, Europe & Canada.

Author: Gregory D. Kutz
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: public, property, military, sensitive, sales
Number of Pages: 415
Published: 2008-01
ISBN-10: 1428987568
ISBN-13: 9781428987562

Each year the DoD sells millions of dollars worth of excess property through the Internet. Before excess property can be sold, it is DoD policy to screen the property to ensure it cannot be reutilized by the dept. in another location or that its sale would not result in sensitive mil. property becoming publicly available. Management control breakdowns in DoDżs excess property reutilization program resulted in the sale of sensitive mil. property to the public through the Web site. Given the seriousness of the security risk posed by the sale of sensitive mil. property to the public, Congress re

Author: David Wise
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: real, property, leases, sale, unneeded, enhanced, actions, authorities, federal, regarding
Number of Pages: 37
Published: 2010-01
ISBN-10: 1437914497
ISBN-13: 9781437914498

Many fed. agencies (FA) hold real property (RP) that they do not need. Some FA have been granted authorities to enter into enhanced use leases (EUL) -- long-term agree. with public and private entities for the use of fed. RP, resulting in cash and/or in-kind consideration for the FA -- or to retain the proceeds from the sale of RP. This report reviews how FA are using their disposal authorities: (1) what authorities the 10 largest RP holding FA have to enter into EULs and retain proceeds from the sale of RP; (2) the extent to which FA with authority to retain proceeds sold RP and how they used

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: multiplexers, containing, filters, microwave, dielectric, miniature, certain
Number of Pages: 160
Published: 1995-07-01
ISBN-10: 078811834X
ISBN-13: 9780788118340

Determines that there is reason to believe that there is a violation in the importation, sale for importation, or sale in the U. S. after importation of dielectric miniature microwave filters. Considers the issues whether the public interest precludes issuance of relief.

Author: Oneil McQuick
Publisher: L.I.M Publishing
Keywords: voice
Number of Pages: 500
Published: 2005-10-26
ISBN-10: 1419617303
ISBN-13: 9781419617300

This book is for those who desire to learn, without a doubt, the true principles of the doctrine of salvation. Knowing, doctrineshalt both save thyself and them that hear, 1 Tim 4:16. Be sure that you are saved! It is not a feeling, fanaticism or flamboyant church-inanity; it must be based on the rightly divided word of God.|||||||=== DISCLAIMER: "The Voice..." is For Sale and offered as such, however, the sole purpose is not a commercial output, where it maybe offered for sale online is done so you may get a paper back copy if you please, otherwise it can be freely downloaded and printed or r

Author: General Accounting Office Washington Dc National S
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: base, housing, mather, force, sale, air, proposed, closures, questions, concerning, military
Number of Pages: 32
Published: 1998
ISBN-10: 1428976477
ISBN-13: 9781428976474

This report responds to your request that we review the proposed negotiated sale of 1,271 surplus family housing units at Mather Air Force Base, California, to the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA). Specifically, you asked whether (1) the Air Force's attempts to obtain competition satisfy requirements of section 203(e)(3)(H) of the Federal Property Act to obtain such competition as is feasible under the circumstances; (2) the disposal at Mather meets the test of a public benefit given that SHRA plans to transfer ownership immediately to a private developer; (3) the Air Force,
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