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Author: Brett Alexander Savory
Publisher: Necro Publicatio
Keywords: travelled, distance
Number of Pages: 270
Published: 2006-01-01
ISBN-10: 1889186627
ISBN-13: 9781889186627

"A completely unique take on life in hell. Snappy dialog and a bizarre backdrop set this adventure tale apart from the pack." --Christopher Moore, author of Practical Demonkeeping, The Stupidest Angel, and Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal Why have certain denizens of Hell taken to throwing farm animals through innocent folks’ kitchen windows? How long does it take a dead, desiccated gas attendant to walk out to his pumps? What sort of relationship do the Lord of the Underworld and Hell’s Head Torturer have besides the obvious professional one? What kind of

Author: Richard Curti
Publisher: Mariner Book
Keywords: getting, book, published, guide, insider’s, literary, agent, own
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2003-11-17
ISBN-10: 0618380418
ISBN-13: 9780618380411

How to Be Your Own Literary Agent takes the mystery out of book publishing for any writer, published or not. Richard Curtis -- a top literary agent for more than thirty years -- provides a comprehensive practical overview of the publishing process, from submissions to contract negotiations to subsidiary rights to marketing, publicity, and beyond. He also gives away trade secrets and invaluable wisdom -- candid advice that can be found nowhere else. Now completely revised and expanded, How to Be Your Own Literary Agent is essential reading for all writers.* Big publishers, small publishers, sel

Author: Kerry Plowright
Publisher: AWP
Keywords: need, money, online, everything, kit, business, resources, internet
Number of Pages: 110
Published: 2004-12-31
ISBN-10: 0975816306
ISBN-13: 9780975816301

Written by Australia’s most experienced authority on small and medium business online. This is a definitive, step by step guide on how to create a successful Internet business. The book reveals all the secrets to making money online and contains all the resources you need to get there. Includes business plan advise, guide and template.ContentPart IOVERVIEW OF SETTING UP YOUR INTERNET BUSINESS.Who is this Kit Designed For?What are you hoping to achieve?GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS.Is the Timing Right for an Inte

Authors: Hal Abelson, Ken Ledeen, Harry Lewi,
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Keywords: digital, explosion, happiness, liberty, bits, life, blown
Number of Pages: 384
Published: 2008-06-16
ISBN-10: 0137135599
ISBN-13: 9780137135592

“If you want to understand the future before it happens, you’ll love this book. If you want to change the future before it happens to you, this book is required reading.” –Reed Hundt, former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission   “There is no simpler or clearer statement of the radical change that digital technologies will bring, nor any book that better prepares one for thinking about the next steps.” –Lawrence Lessig, Stanford Law School and Author of Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace   “Blown to Bits will blow you

Author: David John Cawdell Irving
Publisher: Little, Brow
Keywords: nest, mare’s
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2002-09-21
eBookDB-ID: EBDB70001G

AFTER the successful publication of my book The Destruction of Dresden on April 1, 1963 -- which was accompanied by a serialisation in the then fledgling Sunday Telegraph newspaper -- I learned that the British Air Ministry had subjected my two brothers, both Royal Air Force officers, to critical comment and interview.To ease their position, I decided to write a book about one of RAF Bomber Command’s most successful operations, the August 1943 strike against Hitler’s secret rocket plant at Peenemünde, on the Baltic coast. Of the legitimacy of this particular attack there could
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