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Author: Molly Sherlock
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: sector, charitable, nonprofit, overview
Number of Pages: 65
Published: 2010-11
ISBN-10: 1437926037
ISBN-13: 9781437926033

The nonprofit and charitable sector represents a significant portion of the U.S. economy. Contents: (1) Provides a formal definition of the nonprofit and charitable sector; (2) Reports on the size and scope of the charitable sector. Charitable organizations are estimated to employ more than 7% of the U.S. workforce, while the broader nonprofit sector is estimated to employ 10% of the U.S. workforce; (3) Examines how charities are funded. Revenue comes from a variety of sources, including private contributions, payments, government grants, and investment income; (4) Provides an overview of the

Author: Gerard Caprio
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: countries, reader, developing, policy, sector, financial
Number of Pages: 272
Published: 2002
ISBN-10: 0821351761
ISBN-13: 9780821351765

The dramatic events of the late 1990s brought the issue of financial sector policy in developing countries to the forefront. Much of the international community's policy focuses on financial sector reform including strengthening the prudential regulations and supervision of the financial system. This book consists of a collection of essays concentrating on financial sector policy issues effecting developing countries. Drawing on the accumulated experience of its contributors, this book provides an understanding of the structure and dynamics of this sector.

Author: The World Bank
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: ghana, assessment, sector, health, private
Number of Pages: 152
Published: 2011-04-08
ISBN-10: 0821386247
ISBN-13: 9780821386248

Private Health Sector Assessment in Ghana is part of the World Bank Working Paper series. These papers are published to communicate the results of the Bank "s ongoing research and to stimulate public discussion. The private health sector in Ghana is a large and important sector in the market for health-related goods and services. However, little has been documented concerning the size and configuration of private providers and their contribution to health sector outcomes. With better information about the size, scope, distribution, and constraints of private actors, Ghana "s public policy make

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: sector, private, fostering, development, business
Number of Pages: 176
Published: 2007-05-16
ISBN-10: 9264034226
ISBN-13: 9789264034228

The days when it was thought that the development process could and should be managed by governments alone are long past. The challenge today is how to involve other parts of society such as the private sector and NGOs. This book details the activities of the private sector in developing and emerging economies and demonstrates how these activities are inter-related with government policies. Understanding these activities and public-private interactions is indispensable for the private sector to play its full role in a nation's development process. To this end, several case studies provide conc

Author: Martha De Melo
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: findings, survey, petersburg, economy, transitional, service, firms, private
Number of Pages: 84
Published: 1994
ISBN-10: 0821327976
ISBN-13: 9780821327975

Studies of Economies in Transformation Paper 11. The service industry is the largest and most dynamic sector of the newly emerging private sector in St. Petersburg. Little is known, however, about the entrepreneurs and firms in this sector or about

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: competitiveness, sector, strategy, development, private, ukraine
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 2012-06-11
ISBN-10: 9264128794
ISBN-13: 9789264128798

This review of competitiveness and private sector development in the Ukraine  provides a solid base for policy analysis and gives recommendations with immediate relevance and applicability. It includes diagnosis and policy actions for policy makers and advisors, offering policy responses to underpin economic diversification, enhanced competitiveness and private sector development. Finally, the book applies an innovative framework to identify barriers that hinder the development of selected sectors. It offers the design and suggests ways to implement specific policies to remove those barriers

Author: United States, Government Accountability Office, E
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: sector, continue, evolve, councils, plans, protection, critical, infrastructure
Number of Pages: 18
ISBN-10: 1422397300
ISBN-13: 9781422397305
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