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Author: Yvonne D. Jones
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: consumer, disclosures, costs, products, remittances, information, international
Number of Pages: 60
Published: 2006-04-30
ISBN-10: 1422305120
ISBN-13: 9781422305126

Remittances (RE) are personal funds immigrants send to their home countries. The majority of these RE are sent to Latin Amer. & the Caribbean & they are a very important source of financial flows to many countries. In 2004, the U.S., with other countries, pledged to reduce fees for RE. RE senders in the U.S. can send funds through entities in the formal financial sector such as money transfer operators, banks, & credit unions or other informal means such as couriers. This report provides info. on: the methods of transmission available to RE senders in the formal financial sector & the advantag

Author: Human Rights Watch (Organization)
Publisher: Human Rights Watch
Keywords: parole, california, life, sentenced, home, youth, send
Number of Pages: 104
Published: 2008

Author: Tom Lichtenberg
Publisher: Tom Lichtenberg
Keywords: sidewalk, secret
Number of Pages: 71
Published: 2009-12-21

Beauregaard Sweet became invisible, but his troubles began when he suddenly reappeared. Now everybody wants something from him. Manny the mechanic wants his wife. Sharad LeMaster wants his secret. Emma Biggs wants another shot at the TV news, the leaders of the Four Tribes want to send him back to wherever it was he'd gone, and all he wants to do is eat some donuts and watch reality TV.

Author: Alberta B George Missionary Society
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: church, los, angeles, california, university, society, book, alberta, george, missionary, cook
Number of Pages: 58
Published: 2008-01-04
ISBN-10: 1429011238
ISBN-13: 9781429011235

"This little book is the result of the constant and untiring efforts of the young women of the Alberta B. George missionary society of University M. E. Church. The recipes have been carefully compiled and as we send them on their mission we hope they will do thfur bit toward fulfilling the bigger purpose for which we are striving."

Author: Elsie Lincoln Benedict
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Keywords: sight, people, analyze
Number of Pages: 228
Published: 2015-11-11
ISBN-10: 1519235224
ISBN-13: 9781519235220

Description Notice: This Book is published by Historical Books Limited ( as a Public Domain Book, if you have any inquiries, requests or need any help you can just send an email to book is found as a public domain and free book based on various online catalogs, if you think there are any problems regard copyright issues please contact us immediately via

Author: A.J. Braithwaite
Keywords: runaway, roman
Number of Pages: 86
Published: 2007-12-31
eBookDB-ID: EBDB010023

Having a good family friend as your headmaster might sound ideal, but Luke Brownlow soon finds that it just makes life even more complicated. Luke is in trouble with his parents for not bothering to do any school work at his local comprehensive. When they decide to send him to Hawley Lodge to get him away from his friends, Luke falls out with his family completely and plans to get expelled from the new school. In the meantime, in order to avoid his parents, Luke forges a summer friendship with Ned Kelly, the man who lives next door. Things begin to get problematic once Luke arrives at his new

Author: Doug Pifer
Publisher: DIANE Publishing Inc.
Keywords: cookbook, game, pennsylvania
Number of Pages: 102
Published: 2007-08
ISBN-10: 1422315029
ISBN-13: 9781422315026

Over the years, a significant percentage of the letters which came into the żPennsylvania Game Newsż office were concerned with game cooking. Readers either wanted to share favorite recipes or requested information on ways of preparing game birds or animals they had bagged. Enough letters suggested that żGame Newsż put out a game cookbook that early in 1978 they asked readers to send along their favorite recipes. So many were sent in that the editors had to select an assortment for most of the game birds & animals that Pennsylvania hunters are most likely to bring home. This cookbook inclu
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