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Author: SAS Publishing
Publisher: SAS Publishing
Keywords: guide, user, connect, sas
Number of Pages: 349
Published: 2009-03-11
ISBN-10: 1599947986
ISBN-13: 9781599947983

Provides conceptual information, usage details, and programming language syntax for these services: Compute Services in distributed and parallel processing environments, Data Transfer Services, and Remote Library Services.

Author: James Nobles
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: february, litem, guardians
Number of Pages: 113
Published: 1995-06
ISBN-10: 0788142119
ISBN-13: 9780788142116

A guardian ad litem (GAL) is a person appointed by a court to represent the best interests of a child in court proceedings when they are at risk of being overlooked. This report contains an objective analysis of Minnesota's current system for providing GAL services & options for revising the current system. It addresses these questions: How are GAL services provided in other states? How are GAL services organized & delivered in Minnesota? How can GAL services in Minnesota be improved? The review of GAL services in other states revealed that there is no dominate national pattern for providing G

Author: A. Bruce Steinwald
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: cms, need, indicate, consider, additional, practices, management, offices, physician, services, imaging, part, rapid, spending, shift, growth, medicare
Number of Pages: 55
Published: 2009-01
ISBN-10: 1437907954
ISBN-13: 9781437907957

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Congress, through the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, recently acted to constrain spending on imaging services, one of the fastest growing set of services under Medicare Part B, which covers physician and other outpatient services. This report provides information to help the Congress evaluate imaging services in Medicare. This report provides information on: (1) trends in Medicare spending on imaging services from 2000 through 2006; (2) the relationship between spending growth and the provision of imaging services in physicians¿ offices;

Author: Samantha Pham (ed)
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: annual, report, trade, services, trends, recent
Number of Pages: 164
Published: 2011
ISBN-10: 1437989128
ISBN-13: 9781437989120

Analyzes significant trends in services trade as a whole, assesses trade in selected service industries, and identifies major U.S. trading partners. Data for both cross-border and affiliate transactions are presented to provide a comprehensive analysis of the international activities of U.S. service industries. The 2011 report covers trade in services from 2004 through 2009 and shows that the U.S. remained the world's largest services market and also the world's leading exporter and importer of services in 2009. This year's report focuses primarily on professional services and includes separat

Author: Beth A. Stroul
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: descriptive, study, systems, response, crisis, psychiatric
Number of Pages: 113
Published: 1993-06-01
ISBN-10: 0788175734
ISBN-13: 9780788175732

This document reports on a descriptive study of mental health crisis response systems. It was sponsored by the Center for Mental Health Services as part of its continuing effort to support knowledge development & dissemination relevant to critical aspects of mental health service delivery for persons with long-term mental illness. Chapters: overview of mental health crisis services; telephone crisis services; walk-in crisis services; mobile outreach crisis services; residential crisis services; inpatient crisis services; selected references; & list of respondent communities & agencies by State

Author: David E. Cooper
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: value, dod, demonstrated, convenience, provide, contracting, franchise, funds, interagency
Number of Pages: 52
Published: 2005-11
ISBN-10: 1422302628
ISBN-13: 9781422302620

The Dept. of Defense (DoD) is the largest user of other federal agencies' contracting services. The availability of these contracting services has enabled DoD & other departments to save time by paying other agencies to award & administer contracts for goods & services on their behalf. For example, DoD uses franchise funds (FF), which are government-run, fee-for-service organizations that provide a portfolio of services, including contracting services. This report assessed whether FF ensured fair & reasonable prices for goods & services, whether DoD analyzed purchasing alternatives, & whether

Author: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: approaches, issues, negotiating, services, trade
Number of Pages: 132
Published: 2001
ISBN-10: 926419522X
ISBN-13: 9789264195226

The services sector plays a vital infrastructure role in national economies, employs more people than other sectors, and is the most dynamic sector of world trade. New negotiations under the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services, which began in January 2000, offer an important opportunity to reap the benefits of greater openness in services markets worldwide. The papers in this volume, produced as part of the OECD Trade Directorate's services project, explore fundamental issues for the services negotiations: what are the barriers to trade in services? How can those barriers be addressed i
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