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Author: Eileen R. Larence
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: sharing, needed, info, guide, assess, progress, related, implementation, terrorism, definition, environment, results, achieved, improving, information
Number of Pages: 62
Published: 2009-02
ISBN-10: 143790839X
ISBN-13: 9781437908398

The attacks on 9/11 underscored the fed. governmentżs need to facilitate terrorism-related info. sharing among govżt., private sector, and foreign stakeholders. In response, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act mandated the creation of the Info. Sharing Environment (ISE), which is an approach for the sharing of terrorism-related info. A Program Manager oversees ISE development with assistance from the Info. Sharing Council, a forum for 16 info. sharing officials from fed. agencies and depżts. This is a report on: (1) what actions have been taken to guide the design and imple

Author: Barry Leonard
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: sharing, information, terrorism, related, improving, successes, strategy, national, challenges
Number of Pages: 48
Published: 2009-05
ISBN-10: 1437912621
ISBN-13: 9781437912623

Contents: (1) The Need for a Nat. Strategy; Guiding Principles; Linkage with Other Nat. Strategies; (2) Background and the Current Environment: What Has Been Accomplished Since 9/11?; Continuing Challenges; Legislative and Regulatory Background; (3) Sharing Info. at the Fed. Level; (4) Sharing Info. with State and Local Govżts.; Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group; State and Major Urban Area Fusion Centers; (4) Sharing Info. with the Private Sector; (5) Sharing Info. with Foreign Partners; (6) Protecting Privacy and Other Legal Rights in the Sharing of Info.: Core Privacy Pri

Author: Barry Leonard
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: sharing, programs, file, internet, access, pornography, childrens
Number of Pages: 16
Published: 2008-06-01
ISBN-10: 1437901395
ISBN-13: 9781437901399

This report examines a growing problem for parents throughout the U.S.: Internet file-sharing programs that provide children easy and free access to thousands of explicit pornographic videos and other pornographic materials. Contents: (I) Introduction; (II) Internet File-Sharing Programs: Access and Use of File-Sharing Programs; Popularity; (III) Prevalence of Pornography on Peer-to-Peer Networks: Popularity and Availability of Pornography; Types of Pornography; (IV) Unintended Exposure to Pornography; (V) Failure of Parental Controls: Default Settings; Customized Settings; Filters within File

Author: Ann Calvaresi-Barr
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: health, care, sharing, strategies, resource, systems, evolving, defense, rethinking
Number of Pages: 92
Published: 2000-08
ISBN-10: 0756703018
ISBN-13: 9780756703011

The VA & the DoD provide health care services to more than 12 mill. beneficiaries. In May 1982 the Congress enacted the VA & DoD Health Resources Sharing & Emergency Operations Act (Sharing Act). Several eligibility & reimbursement policies have been identified that have limited sharing between VA & DoD; legislation has been enacted to remove these obstacles. This report: (1) describes the benefits gained from sharing; (2) determines the extent to which VA & DoD are sharing health care resources; & (3) identifies any barriers & challenges VA & DoD face in their efforts to share health resource

Author: Philippe Aigrain
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Keywords: internet, economy, culture, sharing
Number of Pages: 242
Published: 2012-02-15
ISBN-10: 9089643850
ISBN-13: 9789089643858

An in-depth exploration of digital culture and its dissemination, Sharing offers a counterpoint to the dominant view that file sharing is piracy. Instead, Philippe Aigrain looks at the benefits of file sharing, which allows unknown writers and artists to be appreciated more easily. Concentrating not only on the cultural enrichment caused by widely shared digital media, Sharing also discusses new financing models that would allow works to be shared freely by individuals without aim at profit. Aigrain carefully balances the needs to support and reward creative activity with a suitable respect fo

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: common, defense, contribution, allies, burden, sharing, nato
Number of Pages: 72
Published: 1990-09-30
ISBN-10: 0788103121
ISBN-13: 9780788103124

Since NATOąs establishment in 1949, the cost of providing for the collective protection of the alliance was to łbe shared equitably among the member countries. ̨ This report provides a historical presentation of defense burden sharing. Determines the status of U.S. burden sharing initiatives proposed to NATO allies since 1980 and the alliesą responsiveness to those initiatives, (2) the alliesą record in meeting their military commitments, and (3) the effect of future force reductions on defense burden sharing. Charts and tables.

Author: David A. Powner
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: information, sharing, related, terrorism, sensitive, unclassified, processes, establish, federal, government, needs, policies
Number of Pages: 78
Published: 2006-08-01
ISBN-10: 1422307131
ISBN-13: 9781422307137
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