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Author: Arthur Hugh Bunting
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
Keywords: shifting, cultivation, university, research, level, ibadan, nigeria, teaching, july, international, task, africa, universities, proceedings, future, workshop
Number of Pages: 204
Published: 1984
ISBN-10: 9251020922
ISBN-13: 9789251020920

Author: Unknown
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: privatize, belarus, enterprises, services, responsibility, social, shifting
Number of Pages: 36

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: shifting, world, cohesion, social, global, development, perspectives
Number of Pages: 264
Published: 2011-12-14
ISBN-10: 9264113142
ISBN-13: 9789264113145

“Shifting wealth” – a process that started in the 1990s and took off in the 2000s – has led to a completely new geography of growth driven by the economic rise of large developing countries, in particular China and India. The resulting re-configuration of the global economy will shape the political, economic and social agendas of international development as those of the converging and poor countries for the years to come. This report analyses the impact of “Shifting wealth” on social cohesion, largely focusing on high-growth converging countries. A “cohesive” society works to

Authors: Simon McGrath, Azeem Badroodien, Andre Kraak, Lorna
Publisher: HSRC Press
Keywords: africa, south, skills, understandings, shifting
Number of Pages: 280
Published: 2004-01-02
ISBN-10: 0796920443
ISBN-13: 9780796920447

Author: Richard Reeder
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: development, assistance, rural, delivery, targeting, issues, geographic
Number of Pages: 33
Published: 2010-09
ISBN-10: 1437933025
ISBN-13: 9781437933024

Discuss potential tradeoffs for distressed rural areas when shifting from one form of rural development assist. to another, particularly when shifting to greater use of gov¿t.-guaranteed loans. The study also uses correlation analysis to document the extent of targeting rural development programs to highly rural areas and to rural areas experiencing distress in the form of poverty, low employ., and population decline. Findings indicate that distressed rural areas might fare worse than other non-metro areas with some kinds of shifts, such as reducing grants and direct gov¿t. loans to fund inc

Author: Raúl Hernández-Coss
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: formal, transfer, systems, informal, shifting, remittance, corridor, lessons, mexico
Number of Pages: 117
Published: 2005
ISBN-10: 0821360876
ISBN-13: 9780821360873

"Examining the experience of the U.S.-Mexico remittances corridor over the last eight years, this title derives specific lessons that could be applicable to other remittance corridors when shifting from informal to formal systems. Lessonsfocuses on a few selected aspects of the remittance experience and breaks down the remittance process into three stages: the First Mile, when decisions are in the hands of the remittance sender; the Intermediary Stage, comprising the systems that facilitate the cross-border transfer of funds, and; the Last Mile, where the funds reach the hands of the remittanc

Author: John L. Chin
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: west, central, san, francisco, floor, transformed, shoals, shattered, rocks, man, shifting
Number of Pages: 38
Published: 2004
ISBN-10: 0607943424
ISBN-13: 9780607943429
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