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Author: Greg Brue
Publisher: Entrepreneur Pre
Keywords: business, small, sigma, six
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2005-10-25
ISBN-10: 1932531556
ISBN-13: 9781932531558

A Six Sigma pioneer from Jack Welch’s original team at GE shows you how to bring big improvements to your small business Six Sigma for Small Business is the first book to apply six sigma to the unique challenges of a small business. It shows how to use the methodology in all aspects of business to identify and fix problems, with chapters on: accounting, finance, sales and marketing, purchasing a business, human resources, and developing new products. It walks you through a step-by-step implementation of six sigma, describing how to identify needs, develop metrics, and set objectives. It

Author: Harry S. Hertz
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: national, quality, program, baldrige, excellence, care, criteria, performance, health
Number of Pages: 92
Published: 2010-01
ISBN-10: 1437921027
ISBN-13: 9781437921021

Health care org. have used these Criteria to address these challenges: focus on core competencies, intro. new technol., reduce costs, commun. and sharing info. electronically, estab. new alliances with health care providers, or maintain market advantage. Whatever the size of your org., the Criteria provides a valuable framework that can help you plan in an uncertain environ. Use the Criteria to assess performance on these indicators: health care outcomes; patient satis.; and operational, staff, and financial indicators. The 2009-2010 Criteria can help you align resources with approaches, such

Authors: Jessie Riposo, Irv Blickstein, John A. Friel, Kin
Publisher: RAND
Keywords: budgeting, execution, ppbe, programming, planning, enterprises, evaluating, role, navy
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2009
ISBN-10: 0833046640
ISBN-13: 9780833046642

The Navy Enterprise has evolved over the past decade to achieve various objectives from improving efficiencies through lean, six-sigma efforts to producing the workforce of the future. This evaluation of the participation of organizations within the Navy Enterprise in the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) system (1) identifies and describes the current participation of Navy Enterprise organizations in PPBE and (2) identifies and assesses potential alternatives for Navy Enterprise participation. RAND analysts evaluated available documentation and conducted extensive intervie

Author: David Gewirtz
Publisher: ZATZ Publishing
Keywords: reawakening, american, dream, work, reinvigorating, jobs, reinventing, business, save
Number of Pages: 474
Published: 2010-01-05
ISBN-10: 0945266014
ISBN-13: 9780945266013

A shocking and disturbing look into how changes worldwide have created enormous disruption in the very nature of jobs in America. Ideas, strategies, and innovative approaches for policy change that could make a real difference and help save and create jobs in America. Powerfully effective hands-on tips, techniques, and strategies that you personally can take to keep and create jobs, without waiting for politicians to get their act together. AAbout the Author David Gewirtz is Executive Director of the U.S. Strategic Perspective Institute, Editor-in-Chief of the ZATZ magazines, and a CNN con
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