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Authors: David E. Guinn, Eissa Steglich, Elissa Steglich,
Publisher: Hotei Publishing
Keywords: rica, costa, belize, dominican, international, law, criminal, comparative, caribbean, america, trafficking, sex, bondage, americas, national, central, overview, regional, modern
Number of Pages: 475
Published: 2003-07-01
ISBN-10: 1571053085
ISBN-13: 9781571053084

Sexual slavery of younger women and children is rapidly becoming the most profitable criminal activity after drug trafficking. The situation is made worse by the fact that under the legal systems of most states involved those trafficked are not deemed to be victims but rather undocumented criminals involved in an often-illegal activity. Very rarely are they offered any support or legal backing. Trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation is also an intricate part of the intensifying illegal immigration business often operated by large organised crime networks. The United Nations estimates t

Author: Lord Charnwood
Publisher: General Press
Keywords: biography, complete, lincoln, abraham
Number of Pages: 22
Published: 2008-02-01
ISBN-10: 8190276654
ISBN-13: 9788190276658

No other narrative account of Abraham Lincoln's life has inspired such widespread acclaim as Lord Charnwood's Abraham Lincoln: A Complete Biography. Lord Charnwood has given us the most complete interpretation of Lincoln as yet produced, and he has presented it in such artistic form that it may well become classic. Many contemporary historians consider this thorough and superbly crafted work the quintessential biography of one of America's greatest presidents. Charnwood's study of Lincoln's statesmanship introduced generations of Americans to the life and politics of Lincoln, and the author's

Author: Murray N. Rothbard
Publisher: Ludwig von Mises Institute
Keywords: murray, rothbard, manifesto, libertarian, liberty, new
Number of Pages: 420
Published: 2011-12-29
ISBN-10: 1610162641
ISBN-13: 9781610162647

  This edition includes an introduction by Lew Rockwell. In For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto, Rothbard proposes a once-and-for-all escape from the two major political parties, the ideologies they embrace, and their central plans for using state power against people. Libertarianism is Rothbard’s radical alternative that says state power is unworkable and immoral and ought to be curbed and finally abolished. To make his case, Rothbard deploys his entire system of thought: natural law, natural rights, Austrian economics, American history, the theory of the state, and mor

Author: Derek Rubin
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Keywords: eleven, nine, multiculturalism, american
Number of Pages: 225
Published: 2010-02-15
ISBN-10: 9089641440
ISBN-13: 9789089641441

This groundbreaking volume explores the multicultural debate that has evolved in the United States and Europe since the cataclysmic events of 9/11. Instead of suggesting closure by presenting a unified narrative about cultural diversity, national identity, and social stratification, the essays in this well-balanced collection present a variety of perspectives, each highlighting the undiminished relevance of key issues such as immigration, assimilation, and citizenship, while also pointing to unresolved conflicts over universalism, religion, and tolerance. Most importantly, this volume shows th
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