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Author: Ulrich Koester
Publisher: Intl Food Policy Res Inst
Keywords: saharan, african, countries, sub, adjustment, constraints, structural, demand
Number of Pages: 106
Published: 1990-01-01
ISBN-10: 0896293130
ISBN-13: 9780896293137

Structural adjustment lending as a viable approach for economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa. Supply constraints to structural adjustment. Foreign trade performance of Sub-Saharan Africa. Potencial for export earnings from increased traditional agricultural exports.

Author: Daniela Gressani
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: kosovo, conflict, europe, southeastern, reforms, structural
Number of Pages: 46
Published: 2002-08-01
ISBN-10: 0821351974
ISBN-13: 9780821351970

"Structural Reforms in Southeastern Europe since the Kosovo Conflict describes and evaluates the achievements of the countries of South Eastern Europe?Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Romania, and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia?in pursuing structural economic reforms in the period since the end of the Kosovo conflict. This book focuses on four key areas of structural reform that these countries have committed to pursuing. They are public management and anti-corruption, creating a liberal environment for trade in goods and services, attracting foreign inves

Author: P. Thandika Mkandawire
Publisher: IDRC
Keywords: continent, future, companion, adjustment, voices, structural, african
Number of Pages: 518
Published: 2003-01
ISBN-10: 0889368880
ISBN-13: 9780889368880

African Voices on Structural Adjustment presents 14 in-depth studies on the history and future of structural adjustment in Africa. Each study appraises the performance of structural adjustment policies (SAPs) with respect to a particular sector or issue. Each evaluates the compatibility of SAPs with the requirements for long-term development in Africa. And, most importantly, each presents a truly African perspective. The contributors represent an outstanding collection of leading African economists and development experts. This volume is intended as a companion to Our Continent, Our Future. It

Author: Judith A. McKenna
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: united, states, congress, judicial, conference, report, alternatives, federal, courts, appeals, structural
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 1993
ISBN-10: 0788115758
ISBN-13: 9780788115752

Covers: perceived threats to COA, the work of the COA, effects of caseload volume, proposals for structural change & more. 5 appendices. Charts & graphs.

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: growth, going, reforms, policy, economic
Number of Pages: 220
Published: 2012-03-01
ISBN-10: 9264168257
ISBN-13: 9789264168251

Going for Growth is the OECD’s annual report highlighting developments in structural policies in OECD countries. It identifies structural reform priorities to boost real income for each OECD country and key emerging economies (Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa). The Going for Growth analysis also regularly takes stock of reform implementation in all the countries covered. This report provides internationally comparable indicators that enable countries to assess their economic performance and structural policies in a wide range of areas. Each issue also has several the

Author: Harry G. Broadman
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: uzbekistan, structural, reform, challenges, asia, central, corporate, governance, regulation, competition
Number of Pages: 28
Published: 2000

Like many Central Asian republics, Uzbekistan has adopted a gradual, cautious approach in its transition to a market economy. It has had some success attaining macroeconomic stability, but microeconomic reforms have lagged behing. It is time to accelerate structural reform.

Author: Justin Yifu Lin
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: development, policy, rethinking, framework, structural, economics, new
Number of Pages: 389
Published: 2012-01-04
ISBN-10: 0821389556
ISBN-13: 9780821389553

Economic development is a process of continuous technological innovation and structural transformation. Development thinking is inherently tied to the quest for sustainable growth strategies. This book provides a neoclassical approach for studying the determinants of economic structure and its transformation and draws new insights for development policy. The market is the basic mechanism for effective resource allocation at each level of development. However, economic development as a dynamic process entails structural changes, including industrial upgrading and diversification and correspondi
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