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Author: Charles F Haanel
Publisher: Filiquarian Publishing, LLC
Keywords: system, key, master
Number of Pages: 236
Published: 2007-01-20
ISBN-10: 1599869233
ISBN-13: 9781599869230

The Master Key is here given to the world as a means of tapping the great Cosmic Intelligence and attracting from it that which corresponds to the ambitions, and aspirations of each reader. The Master Key teaching has been published in the form of a Correspondence Course of 24 lessons, delivered to students one per week for 24 weeks. The reader, who now receives the whole 24 parts at one times, is warned not to attempt to read the book like a novel, but to treat it as a course of study and conscientiously to imbibe the meaning of each part - reading and re-reading one part only per week before

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: technologies, information, study, feasibility, conduct
Number of Pages: 58
Published: 2004-08-30
ISBN-10: 0788130579
ISBN-13: 9780788130571

Developed to assist state agencies with critical aspects of the management of information technology. Provides clear and realistic suggestions for the management of information. Chapters: benefits of conducting a feasibility study, the study team and feasibility study report -- model outline, documenting.

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: study, aging, longitudinal, baltimore, time, passage
Number of Pages: 60
Published: 1996-07-01
ISBN-10: 078812840X
ISBN-13: 9780788128400

Tells the story of the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging, a study which was conceived as a partnership between participants and researchers. This document describes the study itself and highlights the key findings that have emerged from the data. Topics researched include: mental functioning, the brain and aging, the aging body, the aging mind, the aging spirit, personality, and lifestyle, etc. Bibliography. Black and white photos.

Author: Barry Leonard
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: study, case, report, feasibility, streetcar, brooklyn
Number of Pages: 63
ISBN-10: 1437944817
ISBN-13: 9781437944815

Author: U.S. International Trade Commission
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: study, direct, investment, outbound, trends, research, staff, inbound
Number of Pages: 174
ISBN-10: 1457818906
ISBN-13: 9781457818905

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: study, summary, respondents, comments, responses, questionaires, firm, rotation, mandatory, audit
Number of Pages: 167
ISBN-10: 1428937056
ISBN-13: 9781428937055

Author: J. K. Dunnick
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: genetically, study, modified, p16ink4a, p19arf, mice, gavage, haploinsufficient, glycidol, report, toxicology, carcinogenesis, model, cas
Number of Pages: 86
Published: 2008-06-01
ISBN-10: 1437902243
ISBN-13: 9781437902242

Glycidol is used as a chemical intermediate in the pharmaceutical industry, as a stabilizer in the manufacture of vinyl polymers, and as an intermediate in the synthesis of glycerol, Glycidol ethers, and amines. Glycidol was nominated for carcinogenecity study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Glycidol was selected for study in the haploinsufficient p16Ink4a/p19Arf mouse because it was found to be carcinogenic in rats and mice in conventional 2-year rodent studies (NTP, 1990), but was negative in a study in p53+/- mice (Tennant et al., 1999). In this study, male and female mice rec
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