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Author: Mary Beth Nikitin
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: issues, congress, summit, materials, nuclear, securing
Number of Pages: 25
Published: 2010-09
ISBN-10: 143793319X
ISBN-13: 9781437933192

Contents: (1) Intro.; (2) The Summit: Expected Summit Outcomes; Foreign Reactions to the Summit; The Non-Proliferation Treaty and Nuclear Security; (3) What is żNuclear Security (NS)ż?; (4) Challenges to Achieving the Four-Year Goal; (5) Domestic NS Measures; (6) Multilateral Efforts to Improve NS: The IAEA and NS; Informal Initiatives and Non-Proliferation Assistance; (7) Role of Non-Governmental Org. and Industry; (8) Considerations and Options for Congress: Legislation in the 111th Congress: NS and the FY 2011 Congressional Budget Request; Appendix A: Multilateral NS-Related Instruments a

Author: Marsha A. Martin
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: summit, post, action, report, directory, resource, veterans, america, breaking, home, cycle, restlessness, among, heading
Number of Pages: 117
Published: 1997-06-01
ISBN-10: 078817696X
ISBN-13: 9780788176968

About one-third of all homeless American adults are vets, a serious problem which is a national disgrace. Homeless vets are mostly male, single; come from poor, disadvantaged communities; 40% suffer from mental illness and slightly more than half suffer from alcohol &/or other drug abuse problems. The Veterans Administration held a national summit in Feb. 1994 to discuss homelessness among vets. This report briefly summarizes what was learned from the summit, including priorities for action, consensus principles upon which to base intervention strategies, and suggested guidelines for implement

Author: Paul Belkin
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: summit, anniversary, 60th, nato
Number of Pages: 23
Published: 2010-10
ISBN-10: 1437927920
ISBN-13: 9781437927924

On April 3 and 4, 2009, the heads of state and govżt. of the 26 members of NATO met for a summit marking the 60th annży. of the alliance. Alliance leaders used the anniversary summit to pay tribute to NATOżs past achievements and to reaffirm their commitment to the alliance as the preeminent transatlantic security framework. Contents of this report: (1) Intro.; (2) NATOżs Current Agenda and Key Summit Issues: Afghanistan; NATO-Russia Relations; NATO Enlargement; French Reintegration into NATOżs Integrated Command Structure; NATOżs Strategic Concept and Emerging Challenges; Debate over th

Author: Kofi Atta Annan
Publisher: UNICEF
Keywords: children, summit, world, promises, meeting
Number of Pages: 110
Published: 2001
ISBN-10: 9280637207
ISBN-13: 9789280637205

This UN report looks at the commitments made during the 1990 World Summit for Children to improve the well-being and treatment of children worldwide, and considers the lessons for the future from the past decade. It summarises the progress made towards the implementation of the Summit's Declaration and Plan of Action in the areas of: health, nutrition, water and sanitation; education and literacy; children's protection and civil rights. This is an adapted and abridged version of the UN Secretary-General's report which was presented to the Special Session of the General Assembly on Children in

Author: Alexandra Toma
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: challenge, conference, report, global, meeting, nuclear, security, generation
Number of Pages: 17
Published: 2011-01
ISBN-10: 1437940471
ISBN-13: 9781437940473

This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. Pres. Barack Obama said that he would host a global nuclear security summit in April 2010 to żdevelop steps that can be taken to secure vulnerable materials, combat nuclear smuggling and deter, detect, and disrupt attempts at nuclear terrorism.ż In order to provide analysis, educ., and policy recommend. that highlight the urgency of the nuclear security agenda, a summit of experts was brought together to engage a primarily non-governmental, international expert audience. This summit created a forum for international experts to

Author: John Comings
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: literacy, national, summit, agenda, mainstream, action, margins
Number of Pages: 16
Published: 2008-10-01
ISBN-10: 1437902499
ISBN-13: 9781437902495

Many adults in our nation lack literacy skills and knowledge, and they and their families are falling further and further behind. The Nat. Literacy Summit 2000 began as a joint public-private effort to help the nation get serious about meeting its literacy challenges. A major Summit meeting was followed by more than 25 meetings around the country to craft a shared goal for a literate America and to outline the actions that can make that goal a reality. The voices of hundreds of people from different groups and sectors -- instructors, tutors, admin., researchers, business people, social service

Author: Sommet mondial pour le développement social (1995
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: social, summit, development, world, progress, dimensions, ethical, spiritual
Number of Pages: 115
Published: 1998-12
ISBN-10: 0788174010
ISBN-13: 9780788174018

Report of a seminar on Ethical & Spiritual Dimensions of Social Progress organized by the Secretariat of the U.N. in the context of the preparation of the World Summit for Social Development, or Social Summit, Copenhagen, 6-12 March 1995. Participants came from different regions, walks of life, cultures & beliefs. Extracts from contributions by participants include aspects of the spirit of the time; notes on the spirit of humankind; human dignity & human rights; sectoral perspectives; market & social darwinism; universal value of love; individualism in modern science; human dignity as a centra
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