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Author: Wayne B. Upshaw
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: targeted, scholarships, minority, information, education, higher
Number of Pages: 99
Published: 1994-06-01
ISBN-10: 0788173979
ISBN-13: 9780788173974

Minority-targeted scholarships, for which some form of minority status is an eligibility requirement, have become controversial in recent years. This report examines the use and perceived value of minority-targeted scholarships by undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools. It found that minority-targeted scholarships accounted for a small proportion of total scholarships and scholarship dollars in academic year 1991-92. However, race or ethnicity was rarely the sole criterion; most minority-targeted scholarships used additional criteria, such as financial need or academic merit, for aw

Author: Cynthia Nickerson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: limited, resource, socially, disadvantaged, beginning, farmers, conservation, programs, targeted, participation
Number of Pages: 41
Published: 2010-08
ISBN-10: 1437926614
ISBN-13: 9781437926613

Beginning, limited-resource, and socially disadvantaged farmers make up 40% of all U.S. farms. Some Federal conservation programs contain provisions that encourage participation by such żtargetedż farmers. This report compares the natural resource characteristics, resource issues, and conservation treatment costs on farms operated by targeted farmers with those of other participants. Targeted farmers tend to operate more environmentally sensitive land than other farmers, have different conservation priorities, and receive different levels of payments. The different conservation priorities am

Author: Harold Alderman
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: targeted, transfers, decentralization, albania, assistance, social
Number of Pages: 64
Published: 1998-07
ISBN-10: 0821342452
ISBN-13: 9780821342459

Albania provides a small amount of social assistance to nearly 20% of its population through a system which allows a degree of community discretion in determining distribution. This study investigates the poverty targeting of this program. It indicates that relative to other safety net programs in low income countries, social assistance in Albania is fairly well targeted to the poor.

Author: Kay Brown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: participants, purchasing, targeted, foods, incentives, financial, stamp, program, options, delivering, food
Number of Pages: 48
Published: 2009-01
ISBN-10: 1437909329
ISBN-13: 9781437909326

In FY 2007, the Food Stamp Program provided $30 billion in nutrition assistance benefits to 26 million individuals. The diets of many low-income individuals, like the U.S. population overall, do not meet federal dietary guidelines. One potential strategy for increasing the purchases of targeted foods that contribute to a healthy diet is to incorporate into the program financial incentives for purchasing these foods. This report identifies: (1) what is known about the effectiveness of financial incentives and other approaches intended to increase the purchase of targeted foods; (2) the key fact

Author: Susan Campbell
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: essential, programs, evaluation, coordination, homelessness
Number of Pages: 151
Published: 1999-08-01
ISBN-10: 0788181610
ISBN-13: 9780788181610

This study addresses Congressional concern that the federal approach to meeting the needs of homeless people may not be effective. It (1) identifies and describes characteristics of the federal programs specifically targeted, or reserved, for the homeless, and the key nontargeted programs available to assist low-income people generally; (2) identifies the amounts and types of funding for these programs in FY 1997; and (3) determines if federal agencies have coordinated their efforts to assist homeless people and developed outcome measures for their targeted programs.

Author: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: policy, design, implementation, practices, policies, targeting, agricultural, effective
Number of Pages: 87
Published: 2007-10-23
ISBN-10: 9264038272
ISBN-13: 9789264038271

Agricultural policies are dominated by broad measures such as market price support and general payments to all land, animals or farmers. As a result, it is often difficult to associate a particular policy with any specific objective and yet targeting policies to meet such objectives is necessary for improving the efficiency of government intervention. Recognising the challenge facing policy makers who wish to design more precisely targeted policies, this study defines the operational characteristics of targeted policies and illustrates best practice with concrete examples . The relationship be

Author: Laura Tuck
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: study, tunisian, reform, case, program, food, subsidies, targeted, universal
Number of Pages: 133
Published: 1996
ISBN-10: 0821338390
ISBN-13: 9780821338391

World Bank Discussion Paper No. 336. Discusses the influence of targeted credited intervention programs among participants and non-participants living in program areas and compares them with poverty situations of households in non-program areas. The data are randomly drawn from 1,800 households in Bangladesh from both areas. The analysis shows that it takes about five years for participants to rise above the poverty line and eight years to graduate from program eligibility.
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