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Author: Antonia Cortese
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: preparation, induction, teacher, strengthening, profession, building
Number of Pages: 51
Published: 2000-06
ISBN-10: 0756701619
ISBN-13: 9780756701611

Report of the K-16 Teacher Education Task Force, American Federation of Teachers. The task force calls for an urgent national commitment to bring higher quality, greater resources & more coherence to the way higher education screens & prepares teacher education candidates. Chapters: teacher education; liberal arts & sciences requirements; teacher education entry requirements; the education curriculum; the arts & sciences major; clinical experience: pre-service student teaching; exiting teacher education & entering the profession; induction programs for beginning teachers; recommendations; & ro

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: teacher, analysis, multilevel, commitment, professionalization
Number of Pages: 64
ISBN-10: 1428927778
ISBN-13: 9781428927773

Author: Daniel Aaronson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: markets, reprint, economic, perspectives, labor, teacher, boomer, retirements, affect, baby
Number of Pages: 14
Published: 2010-10
ISBN-10: 1437927734
ISBN-13: 9781437927733

There is a correlation between a teacher¿s experience and her effectiveness in the classroom ¿ at least in the first few years of her career. The rising rates of teacher turnover (since the early 1990s) is a cause for concern. Retirements, which have driven some of this increase, will accelerate to record levels in the coming decade as growing numbers of baby boomers reach retirement age. This pattern will inevitably necessitate a significant increase in the demand for new teachers. Some communities ¿ for example, poor urban districts, which tend to have especially high teacher turnover rat

Author: Cornelia M. Ashby
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: teacher, quality, enhance, could, efforts, improve, programs, state, federal, sustained, coordination, among, key, education
Number of Pages: 73
Published: 2010-02
ISBN-10: 1437920640
ISBN-13: 9781437920642

Policymakers and researchers have focused on improving the quality of our nation's 3 million teachers to raise the achievement of students in key academic areas, such as reading and mathematics. Given the importance of teacher quality to student achievement and the key role federal and state governments play in supporting teacher quality, the objectives for this report included examining: (1) the extent that the U.S. Dept. of Education (DoE) funds and coordinates teacher quality programs; (2) studies that DoE conducts on teacher quality and how it provides and coordinates research-related assi

Author: Aidan Mulkeen
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: supply, training, management, teacher, issues, anglophone, africa, teachers
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2010
ISBN-10: 0821380532
ISBN-13: 9780821380536

Teachers are at the heart of good education, and good teacher policies are essential to ensure adequate supply, deployment and management of teachers. Enrollment in primary education has grown rapidly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Yet teacher policy in the region has oft en evolved without clear planning; in the absence of an overall strategy, countries have experienced serious problems with teacher supply and deployment, as well as with the quality of teaching.Based on case studies of education systems and practices in eight English-speaking African countries, 'Teachers in Anglophone Africa: Issues

Author: Richard M. Ingersoll
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: teacher, sass, analysis, commitment, professionalization, multilevel
Number of Pages: 65
Published: 1997
ISBN-10: 016048975X
ISBN-13: 9780160489754

Examines the relationships between a number of different kinds and examples of teacher professionalization on elementary and secondary teachers in the U.S. and the commitment of teachers to their teaching careers. Summarizes the following characteristics of professions and professionals: credentials, induction, professional development, authority, and compensation. Describes what effect education reformers have expected these traditional characteristics to have on teachers' attitudes, performance, quality, and specifically, their commitment to their careers. Includes both private and public sc

Author: Mahender Reddy Sarsani
Publisher: Sarup & Sons
Keywords: education, teacher, improvement, quality
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2006-01-01
ISBN-10: 8176257184
ISBN-13: 9788176257183

Papers presented at the National Seminar : Quality Improvement in Teacher Education : Problems and Prospects, held at Warangal during 28-29 March 2005.
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