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Author: Kevin J. Martin
Publisher: DIANE Publishing Inc.
Keywords: children, impact, programming, television, violent
Number of Pages: 78
Published: 2007-08
ISBN-10: 1422315169
ISBN-13: 9781422315163

Television is an integral part of the lives of American families. By the time most children begin the first grade, they will have spent the equivalent of 3 school years in front of the TV set. The Fed. Communications Comm. (FCC) received a congressional request to undertake an inquiry on television violence. This report contains the FCCżs examination of the problem. Contents: Introduction; The Effects of Viewing Violent Television Programming on Children; Law & Policy Addressing the Distribution of Violent Television Programming; Defining Violent or Excessively or Gratuitously Violent Program

Author: David Kukoff
Publisher: Vault Inc.
Keywords: careers, writing, television, guide, vault
Number of Pages: 123
Published: 2006-04-30
ISBN-10: 1581313713
ISBN-13: 9781581313710

Television has been called everything from "the global village" to "the idiot box." One thing's for certain-TV's power as a universal storytelling medium remains unparalleled, despite an everincreasing proliferation of TiVo, DVDs, and Internet possibilities.

Author: Nancy Kay Rivenburgh
Publisher: James F. Larson
Keywords: olympics, television
Number of Pages: 300
Published: 1995
ISBN-10: 0861965388
ISBN-13: 9780861965380

This book explores the Olympics as a communications event. In particular, it investigates the role of television in shaping the Games into a global media event. It deals with crucial issues related to media technology

Author: Tara Forrest
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Keywords: imagination, material, raw, kluge, alexander
Number of Pages: 439
Published: 2012-05-15
ISBN-10: 9089642722
ISBN-13: 9789089642721

Alexander Kluge is best known as a founding member of the New German Cinema. His work, however, spans a diverse range of fields and, over the last fifty years, he has been active as a filmmaker, writer and television producer. This book - the first of its kind in English - comprises a wide selection of texts, including articles and stories by Kluge, television transcripts, critical essays by renowned international scholars, and interviews with Kluge himself. It will be a valuable resource for students and scholars in the fields of film, television, and literary studies, as well as those intere

Author: James F. Larson
Publisher: James F. Larson
Keywords: coverage, networks, affairs, international, window, world, television
Number of Pages: 216
Published: 1984-01
ISBN-10: 0893911429
ISBN-13: 9780893911423

This volume examines U.S. network television coverage of international news based on experiences of the past decade. First, it describes significant patterns and trends in the international affairs content of network news during the decade from 1972-1981, including story formats, visual and audio techniques, and trends in the amount and nature of coverage given to nations and regions of the world. Second, it examines major influences that shape international news content on network television, including satellite technology, electronic newsgathering, and the global distribution of foreign corr

Author: Mark L. Goldstein
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: transition, technical, coordination, issues, dtv, remain, prepared, television, majority, broadcasters, digital
Number of Pages: 38
Published: 2009-05
ISBN-10: 1437905870
ISBN-13: 9781437905878

The Digital Television Transition and Public Safety Act of 2005 requires all full-power TV stations in the U.S. to cease analog broadcasting by Feb. 17, 2009, known as the digital television (DTV) transition. Prior to this date, the TV broadcast industry must take a series of actions to ensure that over-the-air programming will continue to be available once the transition is complete. For ex., broadcast stations must obtain, install, and test the necessary equipment needed to finalize their digital facilities. This report examines: (1) the status of broadcast stations in transitioning to digit

Author: Caleb Gattegno
Publisher: Educational Solutions
Keywords: television, educating, culture, visual, towards
Number of Pages: 168
Published: 2010-03-25
ISBN-10: 0878251979
ISBN-13: 9780878251971

Originally released in 1969, Towards a Visual Culture is a remarkably relevant read for today's teachers and programmers. Although the technology has evolved, humans remain visual learners and television remains a visual medium. In this book, Gattegno provides a framework for developing effective and efficient educational programs in an optimistic, forward-thinking manner. He foresees technology able to transmit all knowledge into all homes through satellites and computers, and urges educators and programmers to take advantage of the immense opportunities therein. The media are truly interchan
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