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Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: sleep, night’s, turning, tossing
Number of Pages: 12
ISBN-10: 1422326500
ISBN-13: 9781422326503

Author: Joseph E. Bentzel
Publisher: Asymmetric Marketing
Keywords: software, superpowers, chasm, tossing, marketing, asymmetric
Number of Pages: 188
Published: 2006-10-09
ISBN-10: 1419649809
ISBN-13: 9781419649806

Author: Sherryl Woods
Publisher: MIRA
Keywords: heaven, slice
Number of Pages: 390
Published: 2007-03-01
ISBN-10: 077832415X
ISBN-13: 9780778324157

Dana Sue might run the best little restaurant in Serenity, but when you're feeding a small town of neighbors, busybodies and best friends, things can get a bit hot in the kitchen. Never mind that sh's putting on too many pounds (an occupational hazard for a chef)—sh's worried about her too-skinny teenage daughter, Annie, who has been slowly starving herself since the loud, suitcase-tossing, name-calling fit on her front lawn that left Dana Sue minus one cheating husband. But sometimes life picks strange ways to mend fences. When Annie lands in the hospital, Dana Sue reaches out to the man sh

Authors: E. T. Jaynes,  G. Larry Bretthorst,
Publisher: Cambridge University Pre
Keywords: science, logic, theory, probability
Number of Pages: 758
Published: 2003-06-09
ISBN-10: 0521592712
ISBN-13: 9780521592710

Going beyond the conventional mathematics of probability theory, this study views the subject in a wider context. It discusses new results, along with applications of probability theory to a variety of problems. The book contains many exercises and is suitable for use as a textbook on graduate-level courses involving data analysis. Aimed at readers already familiar with applied mathematics at an advanced undergraduate level or higher, it is of interest to scientists concerned with inference from incomplete information. Contents VOLUME I  Chapter 1 Plausible Reasoning 1 Deductive and
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