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Author: Linda M. Calbom
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: questionable, payment, contractor, costs, assets, missing, project, trilogy, investigation, bureau, weak, controls, over, federal
Number of Pages: 88
Published: 2006-09-01
ISBN-10: 1422307344
ISBN-13: 9781422307342

The Trilogy project is the FBI's largest info. tech. (IT) upgrade to date. While ultimately successful in providing updated IT infrastructure & systems, Trilogy was not a success with regard to upgrading FBI's investigative applications. Further, the project was plagued with missed milestones & escalating costs, which eventually totaled $537 million. This report determines whether: (1) internal controls provided reasonable assurance that improper payment of unallowable contractor costs would not be made or would be detected in the normal course of bus.; (2) payments to contractors were properl

Author: Thomas Campbell
Publisher: Lightning Strike Books
Keywords: physics, metaphysics, philosophy, unifying, awakening, trilogy, toe
Number of Pages: 290
Published: 2003-02
ISBN-10: 0972509410
ISBN-13: 9780972509411

Author: Thomas Campbell
Publisher: Lightning Strike Books
Keywords: philosophy, physics, metaphysics, unifying, trilogy, inner, workings, toe
Number of Pages: 234
Published: 2003-02
ISBN-10: 0972509453
ISBN-13: 9780972509459

Author: Aeschylus
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: plays, trilogy, oresteia, aeschylus, dramas
Number of Pages: 308
ISBN-10: 1605063355
ISBN-13: 9781605063355

Author: Vlane Carter
Publisher: Vlane Carter
Keywords: trilogy, bialien
Number of Pages: 346
Published: 2011-03-01
ISBN-10: 0578044544
ISBN-13: 9780578044545

The BIAlien trilogy/ Carter's credit, his tale has many elements that would translate well to a big budget, special effects extravaganza. The book is a fast, engrossing read-the pace never lets up for an instant. The first volume in a science-fiction series about a young man who's abducted by benevolent aliens, bio-engineered to superhuman levels and sent back to Earth years later to stop an alien invasion...."- KIRKUS DISCOVERIES REVIEW."...the ingenuity behind this work, however, exceeds the average science fiction novel. This series holds incredible potential for development not

Author: Richard Allen Saare
Publisher: Richard Saare
Keywords: wars, barbarian, hagre, shennan, trilogy
Number of Pages: 370
Published: 2007-06-13
ISBN-10: 143431135X
ISBN-13: 9781434311351

Author: United States, Senate, Committee on the Judiciary,
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: missing, costs, contractor, assets, report, requesters, congressional, questionable, payment, weak, investigation, bureau, controls, over, project, trilogy, federal
Number of Pages: 87
ISBN-10: 1428930175
ISBN-13: 9781428930179
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