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Author: Neil Miller
Publisher: The Piano Lessons Book
Keywords: piano, understanding, memorization, aid, bonus, excerpts, book, lessons, valuable, editions, moonlight, sonata, movement, neil, analyzed, miller, beethoven
Number of Pages: 36
Published: 2007-12-28
ISBN-10: 1434820122
ISBN-13: 9781434820129

The Neil Miller Editions of Analyzed Music are designed to assist piano students with the difficult task of memorizing music for confidentperforming. Successful memorization requires an understanding of the elements that composers use to create music. The Neil Miller Editions of Analyzed Music are not intended to be your primary sourcefor practicing the composition. There are well-edited editions of the great music you want to play, with the editor's markings for phrasing, fingering, pedaling, dynamics, touches and tempo. Add tothat what you are learning from the Analyzed Music edition and ins

Author: Anthony F. Grasha
Publisher: Alliance Publishers
Keywords: teaching, learning, curriculum, change, series, styles, understanding, guide, enhancing, style, practical
Number of Pages: 372
Published: 2002-12-31
ISBN-10: 0964507110
ISBN-13: 9780964507111

A practical guide to enhancing learning by understanding teaching & learning styles. It is a guide written to integrate the involvement of a workshop with the information of a text - to help faculty motivate learners, promote critical thinking, encourage active learning and retention, and develop self-directed learners.

Author: Andrei Parabellum
Publisher: LULU
Keywords: succeed, technology, ways, surefire, business, maximize
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2008
eBookDB-ID: ML00221516

Businesses of all types and sizes know that innovation is the key to smooth, efficient, and profitable operations. But understanding and evaluating all the available technologies on the market today – and deciding which ones are best for your company – can be an overwhelming task. With thousands of products and vendors to choose from, and dozens of new offerings being introduced every day, many businesses find themselves completely lost.After reading this book, you will have gained vital insight into available tools and technologies, as well as an understanding of how each on

Author: B. Taylor Bennett
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: research, personnel, primer, essentials
Number of Pages: 98
Published: 1996-12-01
ISBN-10: 0788136356
ISBN-13: 9780788136351

Includes a basic understanding of the regulatory process & the means by which compliance can be assured; an understanding of the basic principles of controlling pain & distress, preventing intraoperative infection, & assuring a humane death in the animals used; & an awareness of the responsibilities one assumes when choosing to use lab. animals. Contents: regulations & requirements; alternative methodologies; animal care & use; principles of anesthesia, analgesia, & aseptic technique; perioperative care; euthanasia; organizations, associations, & societies; & references.

Author: Unknown
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
Keywords: thailand, february, march, bangkok, aquaculture, workshop, participatory, approaches, report
Number of Pages: 41
Published: 2000-01-01
ISBN-10: 9251045062
ISBN-13: 9789251045060

During this Workshop the use of participatory approaches was analysed in eight aquaculture case studies from different countries in Asia and one from Africa. The main conclusion was that there are no "absolutes" in participation and a wide range of different degrees and forms of participation may be manifested in the development process. Participatory approaches proved to be particularly helpful in improving understanding of the role of aquaculture in rural livelihoods (as opposed to focusing purely on aquaculture as a technical activity) and in understanding the attitudes and perceptions of t

Author: Stacey Schreft
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: methods, payment, choose, consumers
Number of Pages: 21
Published: 2010-11
ISBN-10: 1437934579
ISBN-13: 9781437934571

The set of payment options has expanded over time. Today, consumersż wallets often hold currency, checks, multiple credit cards, debit cards, and perhaps even stored value cards. This report provides an overview of the literature on consumer payment behavior. It considers the state of our understanding of how and why consumers choose their payment methods and what is needed to make more headway in understanding consumer payment decisions. It closes by discussing the policy issues that require that we make progress with payments research.

Author: Vincent Lannoye
Publisher: Vincent Lannoye
Keywords: economics, understanding, money, story
Number of Pages: 442
Published: 2011-07-10
ISBN-10: 1463568800
ISBN-13: 9781463568801

Economics, cornerstone politicsExamining politics demands an understanding of economics. This science remains the main constraint of any government's actions.   And, money is the key to learning economics. If money is well understood, it will clarify seemingly impenetrable economic events.   The Story of Money for Understanding Economics is an indispensable reference to decrypt economics, and it does so in an enthralling way, from antiquity to the present day, with readily accessible language.   The book answers the following questions: How did money appear? What precisely is a bank? Why
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