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Author: Bob Aldrich
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: fuel, vehicles, alternative, guide, afv, abc
Number of Pages: 119
Published: 1995-02
ISBN-10: 0788145932
ISBN-13: 9780788145933

An overview of alternative fuel vehicles. Includes chapters on: regulations & requirements in the U.S. & California; electric vehicles; ethanol-powered/flexible fuel vehicles; methanol-powered/flexible fuel vehicles; natural gas -powered vehicles; propane/LPG-powered vehicles; heavy-duty vehicles & engines; other alternative & clean fuels; locations of alternative fuel facilities; & the future of alternative fuel research. Glossary & bibliography. Tables, contact lists & maps.

Author: Refaat Hanna
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: passenger, vehicles, technical, report, electric, hybrid, pedestrian, bicyclist, crashes, incidence
Number of Pages: 22
Published: 2010-08
ISBN-10: 1437931715
ISBN-13: 9781437931716

Examines the incidence rates of pedestrian and bicyclist crashes that involved hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and compares the results to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles under similar circumstances. State crash files from the Nat. Highway Traffic Safety Admin.¿s State Data System were used to measure the incidence rates of pedestrian and bicyclist crashes by HEVs and to compare the incidence rate with their peer ICE vehicles. This study found that pedestrian and bicyclist crashes involving both HEVs and ICE vehicles commonly occurred on roadways, in zones with low speed limits, duri

Author: Michael J. Sullivan
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: protected, vehicles, ambush, resistant, acquisition, rapid
Number of Pages: 17
Published: 2008-11
ISBN-10: 1437908020
ISBN-13: 9781437908022

About 75% of casualties in current combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan are attributed to improved explosive devices. To mitigate the threat from these weapons, the DoD initiated the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle program, which uses a tailored acquisition approach to rapidly acquire and field the vehicles. MRAP is DoDżs single most important acquisition program. To date, more than $22 billion has been appropriated to acquire more than 15,000 MRAP vehicles, and about 6,600 of the vehicles have been fielded. This report: (1) describes DoDżs approach for and progress in im

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: electric, workshop, proceedings, vehicles, hybrid, components, advanced
Number of Pages: 226
Published: 1995-03-01
ISBN-10: 0788116215
ISBN-13: 9780788116216

This workshop concentrated on the technologies to improve the design, performance, manufacturing, and economics of the critical components for the next generation of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles for the year 2000 and beyond. Over 100 illustrations.

Author: Manjeet Singh Pardesi
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: unmanned, vehicles, aerial, air, space, journal, reprint, power, policy, combat, missions, challenges, relevant, future
Number of Pages: 10
Published: 2008-10-01
ISBN-10: 1437905536
ISBN-13: 9781437905533

Analyzes the strategic implications of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) from a Singaporean point of view and concludes that UAVżs lack of situational awareness and need for ever-larger amounts of communication bandwidth are major drawbacks that can be partially compensated for by various means. However, the author concludes that UAVżs will complement, but not replace, manned aircraft.

Author: Susan Fleming
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: vehicles, sized, children, adult, crashes, used, terrain, sales
Number of Pages: 68
Published: 2010-08
ISBN-10: 1437931995
ISBN-13: 9781437931990

All-terrain vehicles (ATV), which are off-road motorized vehicles, usually with four tires, a straddle seat for the operator, and handlebars for steering control, have become increasingly popular. However, ATV fatalities and injuries have increased over the last decade and are a matter of concern to the Consumer Product Safety Comm. (CPSC), which oversees ATV safety, and to others. Many ATV crashes involving children occur when they are riding adult-sized ATVs. Manufacturers and dist have agreed to use their best efforts to prevent their dealers from selling adult-sized ATVs for use by childre

Author: Mark Goldstein
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: vehicles, congressional, testimony, mrap, acquisition, acquisitions, rapid, defense
Number of Pages: 15
Published: 2010-11
ISBN-10: 1437924026
ISBN-13: 9781437924022

As of July 2008, about 75% of casualties in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan were attributed to improvised explosive devices. To mitigate the threat from these weapons, DoD initiated the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) program in Feb. 2007, which used a tailored acquisition approach to rapidly acquire and field the vehicles. To date, about $23 billion has been appropriated for the procurement of 16,000 MRAP vehicles. This testimony describes the MRAP acquisition process, the results to date, lessons learned from that acquisition, and potential implications for improving the sta
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