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Author: Unknown
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: art, versus, journalism
Number of Pages: 149
ISBN-10: 1451003684
ISBN-13: 9781451003680

Author: Mark Twain
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: court, arthur, king, yankee, connecticut
Number of Pages: 479
Published: 1983
ISBN-10: 0520050894
ISBN-13: 9780520050891

When A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court was published in 1889, Mark Twain was undergoing a series of personal and professional crises. Thus what began as a literary burlesque of British chivalry and culture grew into a disturbing satire of modern technology and social thought. The story of Hank Morgan, a nineteenth-century American who is accidentally returned to sixth-century England, is a powerful analysis of such issues as monarchy versus democracy and free will versus determinism, but it is also one of Twain's finest comic novels, still fresh and funny after more than 100 years.

Author: Max Risselada
Publisher: 010 Publishers
Keywords: loos, corbusier, adolf, libre, versus, plan, raumplan
Number of Pages: 202
Published: 2008-08
ISBN-10: 9064506655
ISBN-13: 9789064506659

Author: Kaltschew, Kristian
Publisher: Universitätsverlag Potsdam
Keywords: versus, demokratie, autokratie, kenias, politische, system, das
Number of Pages: 116
Published: 2010
ISBN-10: 3869560975
ISBN-13: 9783869560977

Author: Geert Edel
Keywords: der, sprachanalytischen, philosophie, kritik, zur, versus, linguistic, hypothesis
Number of Pages: 459
Published: 2010
ISBN-10: 3938095121
ISBN-13: 9783938095126

Author: François Molle
Publisher: IWMI
Keywords: transfers, potential, gains, conflicts, water, intersectoral, versus, agriculture, revisiting, cities
Number of Pages: 80
Published: 2006
ISBN-10: 9290906243
ISBN-13: 9789290906247

Author: P.H. van der Laan
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Keywords: bij, ernstige, jeugdproblematiek, ingrijpen, professioneel, versus, intutie, wetenschap
Number of Pages: 29
Published: 2008-07-20
ISBN-10: 9056295225
ISBN-13: 9789056295226
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