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Author: Armed Forces-NRC Vision Committee
Publisher: National Academies
Keywords: vision, meeting, committee, optics, developments, current
Number of Pages: 136
Published: 1968
eBookDB-ID: NAP:12625

Author: International Food Policy Research Institute
Publisher: Intl Food Policy Res Inst
Keywords: vision, recommended, action, challenge, environment, food, agriculture
Number of Pages: 46
Published: 1995
ISBN-10: 0896296016
ISBN-13: 9780896296015

Orview. The vision. The challenge. Recommended action. What if we do not take action? Regional strategies to realize the 2020 vision.

Author: Unknown
Publisher: National Academies
Keywords: vision, sciences, behavioral, national, research, council, division, committee, symposium, conducted, spring, meeting, color
Number of Pages: 124
Published: 1973
eBookDB-ID: NAP:13416

Author: Edel Classics Gmbh
Publisher: Edel Germany GmbH
Keywords: vision, sound, romances, love
Number of Pages: 112
Published: 2007-03-30
ISBN-10: 3937406050
ISBN-13: 9783937406053

About Love -- Romances in Sound and Vision When love is in the air, it prickles and aches. It hurts. It burns. Sometimes it makes you feel ill. Often it gets you laughing.This exceptional PHOTO and MUSIC compilation is driven by this crazy little thing called love. ROMANCES IN SOUND AND VISION are made of passion, tenderness, longing, melancholy, desire, satisfaction. Listening to and looking at the EarBook ABOUT LOVE will take you on a trip to a great feeling with all its imperfections.

Author: Douglas Jones
Publisher: Canon Press & Book Service
Keywords: middle, earth, vision, protestant, architecture, angels
Number of Pages: 226
Published: 1998-11
ISBN-10: 1885767404
ISBN-13: 9781885767400

Christianity presents a glorious vision of culture, a vision overflowing with truth, beauty, and goodness. It's a vision that stands in stark conflict with the anemic modern (and postmodern) perspectives that dominate contemporary life. Medieval Christianity began telling a beautiful story about the good life, but it was silenced in mid-sentence. The Reformation rescued truth, but its modern grandchildren have often ignored the importance of a medieval grasp of the good life. This book sketches a vision of "medieval Protestantism," a personal and cultural vision that embraces the fullness of C

Author: Gunilla Derefeldt
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: computer, colours, confusion, matching, vision, deficiencies, colour
Number of Pages: 82
Published: 1995-08-01
ISBN-10: 0788121766
ISBN-13: 9780788121760

Compares current methods of testing congenital colour deficiencies with tests designed to employ colour VDUs. Seeks to develop tools for studying colour deficiencies and to formulate general guidelines regarding colour selection for work that must be performed on colour VDUs. 12 persons with congenital colour vision deficiencies were judged and matched colours presented on a full-colour VDU. 4 persons with normal colour vision participated as controls. Contains color charts and numerous graphs.

Author: Jonathan Graham Potter
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: decision, makers, local, implications, globalisation, devolution
Number of Pages: 276
Published: 2001-10-26
ISBN-10: 9264196560
ISBN-13: 9789264196568

This book sets out a vision of devolved economic development policies capable of responding to the challenges of globalisation. The key features in this vision are flexible and networked institutions and local strategies emphasising ...
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