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Authors: Kevin F. McCarthy, Elizabeth Heneghan Ondaatje, A
Publisher: RAND
Keywords: new, era, challenges, meeting, visual, arts, portrait
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2005
ISBN-10: 0833037935
ISBN-13: 9780833037930

The third in a series that examines the state of the arts in America, this analysis shows, in addition to lines around the block for special exhibits, well-paid superstar artists, flourishing university visual arts programs, and a global expansion of collectors, developments in the visual arts also tell a story of rapid, even seismic change, systemic imbalances, and dislocation. Using the performing arts as a comparison, this book shows that the visual arts appear better suited to the changing consumption and life styles of American consumers. Their visual character, for example, makes them ea

Author: Peter Lennie
Publisher: National Academies
Keywords: visual, determination, disability, field, measurement, acuity
Number of Pages: 30
Published: 1994
eBookDB-ID: NAP:13832

Author: Caleb Gattegno
Publisher: Educational Solutions
Keywords: television, educating, culture, visual, towards
Number of Pages: 168
Published: 2010-03-25
ISBN-10: 0878251979
ISBN-13: 9780878251971

Originally released in 1969, Towards a Visual Culture is a remarkably relevant read for today's teachers and programmers. Although the technology has evolved, humans remain visual learners and television remains a visual medium. In this book, Gattegno provides a framework for developing effective and efficient educational programs in an optimistic, forward-thinking manner. He foresees technology able to transmit all knowledge into all homes through satellites and computers, and urges educators and programmers to take advantage of the immense opportunities therein. The media are truly interchan

Author: John Clark Craig
Publisher: Wombat Technology
Keywords: workshop, developer, basic, visual, microsoft
Number of Pages: 948
Published: 1998-09-07
ISBN-10: 157231883X
ISBN-13: 9781572318830

If you confront common coding problems or want to learn by example the tremendous capabilities of Visual Basic, you've come to the right book. This is the newly expanded and updated fifth edition of the classic, for everyone from advanced students and intermediate programmers to corporate developers and consultants. As usual, John Craig and co-author Jeff Webb lead you through the exciting new possibilities of the latest version of Visual Basic, with special emphasis on the hot topics of Internet development and data access models. Here's the help you need in the shape you want. You get a ton

Author: Tamara T. Sowell
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: development, research, blindness, vision, low
Number of Pages: 117
Published: 1999-06
ISBN-10: 075670202X
ISBN-13: 9780756702021

Presents new information & hopes to interest new research professionals in meeting the challenges faced by persons with a visual disability. Articles: outcome assessment of the rehabilitation of the visually impaired; characteristics of AMD patients with low vision receiving visual rehabilitation; visual factors & mobility in persons with age-related macular degeneration; a biomechanical evaluation of visually impaired persons' gait & long-cane mechanics; remote infrared signage evaluation for transit stations & intersections; & impact of digital miniaturization & networked topologies on acces

Author: Rudolf Arnheim
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: biddle, lectures, cooper, union, duke, mary, architectural, form, based, dynamics
Number of Pages: 302
Published: 1977
ISBN-10: 0520033051
ISBN-13: 9780520033054

An authority on the psychological interpretation of the visual arts directs attention to the expressive visual features of buildings and the perceptual consequences of architecture

Author: Mauricio Romero-Torres, Alberto Acosta
Publisher: Mauricio Romero Torres
Keywords: visual, hard, pacific, corals, identification, guide, colombian, identificacin, pacfico, del, colombiano, gua, corales, duros
Number of Pages: 70
ISBN-10: 9584472925
ISBN-13: 9789584472922
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