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Author: Sarah Voss
Publisher: Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregation
Keywords: voice, heart, ministry, story, interim
Number of Pages: 108
Published: 1996-01
ISBN-10: 1558963383
ISBN-13: 9781558963382

Author: Mohorosh of Heichal Hakodesh Breslov - כ"ק מוהרא"ש
Publisher: j rosenberg
Keywords: calls, voice
Number of Pages: 129
Published: 1987-06-22
ISBN-10: 1441451234
ISBN-13: 9781441451231

A Voice Calls Out to G'd. By Mohorosh. Based on the Works of Rabbi Nachman of Breslovand His Holy Disciples

Author: Danny R Burton, Jess T Ford, John L Brummet, Lenor
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: adjust, changing, environment, needed, actions, america, management, voice
Number of Pages: 62
Published: 1992-09
ISBN-10: 1568065418
ISBN-13: 9781568065410

Reviews the Voice of Americaąs progress in modernizing its facilities, steps to cut programs and operations in response to decreased funding, and actions to adopt broadcasting strategies reflecting changing technology and world events. Graphs.

Author: William Clark, Jr. & William Clark, Sr.
Publisher: Innovo Publishing, LLC
Keywords: heart, god, opening, introduction, disciple
Number of Pages: 51
Published: 2009-09-15
ISBN-10: 0981540317
ISBN-13: 9780981540313

Have you ever wondered what the Lord wanted you to do in a particular situation? Do you hear His voice clearly when you try to listen to Him? Do you find that sometimes it is easy to hear the voice of God, but at other times it is almost impossible? A Disciple's Heart helps you consider how well you listen with your heart, in order to discover how your spiritual listening skills may be strengthened.When we seek more in our relationships with God, we are seeking to open our hearts to Him with intention. Join us as we examine how being discipled relates to developing our hearts. Learn how discip

Author: Margaret Sutton
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: doll, trail
Number of Pages: 198
Published: 2008-08-01
ISBN-10: 1429090472
ISBN-13: 9781429090476

"Don't look for it!" The voice startles Judy and Honey as it seems to come out of nowhere. The girls search the area but cannot discover the source of the voice. The strange voice is the first in a series of events drawing Judy into her latest mystery. Judy takes in Helen Riker and her children Penny and Paul as boarders at her home in Dry Brook Hollow. Penny speaks of a green doll but is scolded by her brother. What Judy does hear leads her to believe that some men stole some type of green doll from Mrs. Riker and that it has something to do with their Uncle Paul Riker. Judy and Horace go wit

Authors: Daniel Gonzales, John Hollywood, Gina Kingston, D
Publisher: RAND
Keywords: air, combat, link, study, case, centric, operations, network
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2005
ISBN-10: 0833037765
ISBN-13: 9780833037763

The Link 16 communications system enables network-centric operations (NCO) in ways that voice-only communications cannot. How does Link 16 increase the mission effectiveness of U.S. air forces in combat translate into success in the air-to-air battle? More than 12,000 sorties were flown in the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System Operational Special Project, where Link 16 and voice-only communications systems were evaluated. Using a series of NCO performance metrics, the authors measured results and determined which areas were improved by the use of Link 16 and by how much compared t

Author: David A. Powner
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: disruptions, response, converged, voice, networks, data, planning, integrate, protection, infrastructure, further, efforts, needed, critical
Number of Pages: 27
Published: 2009-02
ISBN-10: 143790713X
ISBN-13: 9781437907131

Technological advances have led to an increasing convergence of previously separate networks used to transmit voice and data commun. Such interconnectivity poses significant challenges to our nation¿s ability to respond to major disruptions. Two oper. centers -- managed by the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) -- plan for and monitor disruptions on voice and data networks. In Sept. 2007, a DHS task force made 3 recommendations toward establishing an integrated operations center that DHS agreed to adopt. To determine the status of efforts to establish this center, this report reviewed documenta
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