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Author: Faysse, NicolasGumbo, J.
Publisher: IWMI
Keywords: irrigation, boards, komati, umlaas, lomati, volume, studies, hereford, africa, user, water, associations, south, transformation, case
Number of Pages: 57
Published: 2004
ISBN-10: 929090559X
ISBN-13: 9789290905592

Author: Harold W. Geisel (ed)
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: selection, board, process, service, foreign, integrity, fairness, review
Number of Pages: 49
Published: 2011-09
ISBN-10: 143798729X
ISBN-13: 9781437987294

Contents of this sensitive but unclassified report: (1) Background; (2) Integrity and Fairness: Confidence as the Measure; Safeguards and Vulnerabilities; (3) Issues for Attention: Annotation of Lists; Presidential Awards; Specialist Boards; Reconvened and Reconstituted Boards; (4) Looking Ahead: Office of Performance Evaluation; Evaluating an Expanded Foreign Service; Virtual Boards; (5) Recommendations. Appendixes: Board Deliberations and Procedures; Total Foreign Service Hiring Projections for FY 2009 to FY 2013; Basic Safeguards Agreement Dated Oct. 1973; Responsibilities for Management of

Author: Nissan Liviatan
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: currency, boards, substitution, proceedings, conference
Number of Pages: 130
Published: 1993-08
ISBN-10: 0821325213
ISBN-13: 9780821325216

Eighteen well-known policymakers and economists discuss the rising use of currency substitution in Latin America. They examine the effects of currency boards on substitute currencies and on national stabilization programs. Latin American countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Uruguay increasingly use dollars as a substitute for domestic currency. The experts debate whether the region should encourage or resist this trend. Topics include the effects of substitution on inflation, liquidity, and exchange rates. The discussions on Argentina, Peru, and Brazil focus on the ways in which c

Author: Daniel W. Hancock
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: water, california, state, boards, outcomes, improving, structure, cleaner, clearer, performance
Number of Pages: 134
Published: 2009-09
ISBN-10: 1437916449
ISBN-13: 9781437916447

Clean water is a cornerstone of Californiażs economic and environmental well-being. As the stateżs lead water quality guardians, the State Water Resources Control Board and the nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards play a critical role in the stateżs health. Their job is to protect and improve the stateżs aquifers, rivers, lakes and shoreline. However, the boards today must rely on regulatory tools that are not adequate to address modern threats to water quality, resulting in a system that has lost the confidence of the population. The Calif. gov. and legis. must reform the current sy

Author: Christopher W. Murdoch
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: value, optimization, added, wood, products, cutting, biocides, hardwood, technologies, industry, wetwood, detection, transferring
Number of Pages: 103
Published: 1994-03-01
ISBN-10: 0788105477
ISBN-13: 9780788105470

Four publications in one volume: (1) detection system to identify wetwood in standing living trees & in cut logs & boards; (2) external & internal defect detection to optimize cutting of hardwood logs & lumber; (3) novel technology for processing logs & boards or other value-added wood products; & (4) alternatives to petroleum-based biocides for protecting hardwood lumber & manufactured products. Charts, tables & drawings.

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: european, countries, eastern, forces, armed, uniforms
Number of Pages: 158
Published: 1997-01
ISBN-10: 0788138073
ISBN-13: 9780788138072

An illustrated compendium, in full color, of the uniforms of the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, & Yugoslavia prior to the end of the Cold War. Covers: Marshals & Generals, Air Force uniforms, female uniforms, branch insignia, shoulder boards & sleeve stripes, hat emblems, collar tabs & branch insignia, officer hat & collar insignia, traffic regulators, special uniforms, Naval Forces, KGB uniforms, student shoulder boards, Interior Ministry, parade & service uniforms, Civil Defense uniforms, & much more.

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: governing, risks, incentives, practices, governance, board, corporate
Number of Pages: 146
Published: 2011-08-02
ISBN-10: 9264113533
ISBN-13: 9789264113534

This publication examines how effectively boards manage to align executive and board remuneration with the longer-term interests of their companies. This is a major and ongoing issue in many companies and one of the key failures highlighted by the financial crisis. Aligning incentives seems to be far more problematic in companies and jurisdictions with a dispersed shareholding structure since, where dominant or controlling shareholders exist, they seem to act as a moderating force on remuneration outcomes.   The reader will learn about the effectiveness of boards in fulfilling their obligat
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