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Authors: Lou Qingxi,  Zhang Lei & Yu Hong,
Publisher: China Intercontinental Pre
Keywords: gardens, chinese
Number of Pages: 151
Published: 2003-01-01
ISBN-10: 7508503678
ISBN-13: 9787508503677

Chinese Gardens recounts the history and development of Chinese gardens and their architectures. The author uses b&w and color pictures to explain various types of gardens and describes their meaning to the Chinese. This is a very useful book to learn more about Chinese culture by reading about the intricacy and profundity of Chinese gardens. Chinese Gardens is about the history and evolution, and the art and techniques of Chinese gardens and their architectures. The author compares the gardens with the appearance of natural landscapes and describes their meaning to the Chinese, and the Chines

Author: Alfred D. Wilhelm
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: characteristics, style, table, negotiating, chinese
Number of Pages: 316
Published: 1994-10
ISBN-10: 0788123408
ISBN-13: 9780788123405

Examines the process of negotiating with the Chinese, using historical examples & analyses of cases from 1953 to the present. The author debunks the myth of legendary Chinese patience, assesses American reaction to negotiating with the Chinese, & analyzes the Chinese approach to negotiations. He reveals the elements of continuity in Chinese behavior that surfaced during talks with the U.S. as early as 1949. 10 photos. Bibliography. Index.

Author: Chen Tingyou
Publisher: China Intercontinental Press
Keywords: series, china, cultural, calligraphy, chinese
Number of Pages: 132
Published: 2003-10-31
ISBN-10: 7508503228
ISBN-13: 9787508503226

Proceeding from the origins of Chinese characters, this book introduces the origins and development of Chinese calligraphy as an art form, its various styles and characteristics, and representative master calligraphers throughout Chinese history.

Author: Paul Tjon Sie Fat
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Keywords: ethnic, performing, inevitability, suriname, new, migrants, chinese
Number of Pages: 478
Published: 2010-01-11
ISBN-10: 9056295985
ISBN-13: 9789056295981

This book covers various aspects of New Chinese Migration in Suriname in the 1990s and early 2000s. It is an ethnography of New Chinese Migrants in the context of South- South migration, but also a first ethnography of Chinese in Suriname, as well as an analysis of Surinamese ethnic discourse and ethnopolitics. Starting in the 1990s, renewed immigration from China changed the dynamics of the Surinamese Chinese community, which developed from a Hakka enclave to a culturally and linguistically diverse, modern Chinese migrant group. Local positioning strategies of Chinese had always depended on e

Author: Khun Eng Kuah-Pearce
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Keywords: cyberspace, women, chinese
Number of Pages: 276
Published: 2008
ISBN-10: 9053567518
ISBN-13: 9789053567517

This volume examines how Chinese women negotiate the Internet as a research tool and a strategy for the acquisition of information, as well as for social networking purposes. Offering insight into the complicated creation of a female Chinese cybercommunity, Chinese Women and the Cyberspace discusses the impact of increasingly available Internet technology on the life and lifestyle of Chinese women—examining larger issues of how women become both masters of their electronic domain and the objects of exploitation in a faceless online world.

Author: Vincent Shen
Publisher: CRVP
Keywords: chinese, studies, philosophical, philosophy, psychology, phenomenology
Number of Pages: 276
Published: 1994
ISBN-10: 1565180453
ISBN-13: 9781565180451

Author: Michael Pillsbury
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: warfare, future, views, chinese
Number of Pages: 470
Published: 1997-12-01
ISBN-10: 0788146688
ISBN-13: 9780788146688

An introduction to the works of authoritative & innovative Chinese authors whose writings focus on the future of the Chinese military. These carefully selected, representative essays make Chinese military thinking more accessible to western readers. It reveals, for example, China's keen interest in the Revolution in military affairs. This volume is an important starting point for understanding China's future military modernization. Must reading for every executive of every Western firm doing business in China.” Readers will be impressed by China's ambitions in space, information warfare, ste
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