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Author: Paul Collier
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: development, policy, war, civil, conflict, trap, breaking
Number of Pages: 239
Published: 2003
ISBN-10: 0821354817
ISBN-13: 9780821354810

Civil war conflict is a core development issue. The existence of civil war can dramatically slow a country's development process, especially in low-income countries which are more vulnerable to civil war conflict. Conversely, development can impede civil war. When development succeeds, countries become safer-when development fails, they experience a greater risk of being caught in a conflict trap. Ultimately, civil war is a failure of development.'Breaking the Conflict Trap' identifies the dire consequences that civil war has on the development process and offers three main findings. First, ci

Author: Henry David Thoreau
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: civil, goverment, resistance, disobedience, duty
Number of Pages: 38
Published: 2008-10-15
ISBN-10: 1606800876
ISBN-13: 9781606800874

Author: Davi D’Agostino
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: support, civil, authorities, disasters, capabilities, identify, defense, dod, enhance, efforts, homeland
Number of Pages: 64
Published: 2010-10
ISBN-10: 1437932959
ISBN-13: 9781437932959

In addition to its primary mission of warfighting, the DoD plays an important role in civil support. Four years after the poorly coordinated nat. response to Hurricane Katrina, issues remain about DoDżs progress in identifying its capability requirements for supporting a coordinated civilian-military response to a catastrophic domestic event. This report addresses the extent to which DoD: (1) has identified and addressed its capability gaps for its civil support mission; (2) has clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and relationships and identified appropriate levels and types of personnel

Author: Peter Finn
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: case, studies, constitutional, issues, rationale, behavior, civil, remedies, criminal, using
Number of Pages: 94
Published: 1994-09
ISBN-10: 0788145819
ISBN-13: 9780788145810

Advocates the use of civil remedies by police & prosecutors to combat a range of criminal activities including drug dealing, car theft, hate violence & possession of firearms by the mentally ill. Details of the procedure, organization, staffing, program evolution, accomplishments, advantages & Constitutional issues of seven case studies are presented, as well as discussions on making effective use of civil remedies, finding appropriate legislation, involving the community & other agencies, & using civil statutes in a Constitutionally defensible manner. Comparative table, end notes & glossary.

Author: Janet A. St. Laurent
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: dod, depend, implementation, nat, authorization, defense, missions, support, enhanced, security, national, guard, civil, readiness, homeland
Number of Pages: 59
Published: 2008-07
ISBN-10: 143790436X
ISBN-13: 9781437904369

The high use of Nat. Guard forces for overseas missions has raised questions about its ability to support civil authorities in the event of a catastrophic incident. This report assesses 2 alternatives for providing funding and authority specifically for the Guardżs civil support missions. The author determined: (1) the extent to which planning to identify the Guardżs civil support requirements has been undertaken; (2) the current funding approach for the Guardżs civil support capabilities and how 3 approaches could be applied to the Guard; (3) guiding principles to consider when developing

Author: Marilyn Seguin
Publisher: Branden Books
Keywords: war, civil, battle, stories, dogs, beasts
Number of Pages: 143
Published: 1998-05
ISBN-10: 0828320314
ISBN-13: 9780828320313

This book is a collection of anecdotal material about some of the animals that served their masters and mistresses faithfully during the Civil War. Although all of the material is documented, some of the stories are admittedly legend, and the facts have probably been greatly embellished over the years. Hopefully, this small sampler of Civil War material will stand as a reminder to humans of the suffering and sacrifice of our animal friends in the brutal conflict from which our country has emerged.

Author: Raymond J. Beaudet
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: program, practices, encryption, computer, divisions, laptop, civil
Number of Pages: 64
Published: 2010-10
ISBN-10: 143792624X
ISBN-13: 9781437926248

Significant losses of sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII) have occurred in both the government and in the private sector over the past few years. On Oct. 3, 2008, the Dept. of Justice received an alert indicating that two unencrypted laptop computers were stolen from the offices of a consulting firm in Wash., D.C. that was performing litigation support work for the Civil Division. The stolen laptops included PII of Civil Division attorneys, the consultantżs employees, plaintiffs, and potentially litigation sensitive info. in support of the governmentżs defense of sen
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