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Author: Wendy-Ann Rowe
Publisher: Catholic Relief Services
Keywords: creating, youth, risk, gang, involved, development, enterprise, promising, practices, change, opportunities
Number of Pages: 28
Published: 2011-09-06
ISBN-10: 1614920508
ISBN-13: 9781614920502

Author: Benjamin Woolley
Publisher: Benjamin Woolley
Keywords: hyperreality, hype, journey, worlds, virtual
Number of Pages: 217
Published: 1993
ISBN-10: 0140154396
ISBN-13: 9780140154399

In Virtual Worlds, Benjamin Woolley examines the reality of virtual reality. He looks at the dramatic intellectual and cultural upheavals that gave birth to it, the hype that surrounds it, the people who have promoted it, and the dramatic implications of its development. Virtual reality is not simply a technology, it is a way of thinking created and promoted by a group of technologists and thinkers that sees itself as creating our future. Virtual Worlds reveals the politics and culture of these virtual realists, and examines whether they are creating reality, or losing their grasp of it. 12 ph

Author: Robin Murray
Publisher: Demos
Keywords: waste, wealth, creating
Number of Pages: 182
Published: 1999
ISBN-10: 1898309078
ISBN-13: 9781898309079

Author: David C. Gompert
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: military, affairs, revolution, transatlantic, gap, promoting, mind
Number of Pages: 108
Published: 1999-07
ISBN-10: 0788180894
ISBN-13: 9780788180897

Warns of the growing disparity in combat capability between European & U.S. forces over the exploitation of the revolution in military affairs (RMA). The consequences of this transatlantic rift could undermine NATO. This book dissects the problem of a growing disparity & rejects its inevitability. Instead, it lays out a multitiered strategy for its solution which is specific & practical, including processes & procedures for implementation. Chapters: assessing the problem; a shared strategic outlook; building compatible forces for RMA operations; creating a Transatlantic system of systems; crea

Author: Plamen Makariev
Publisher: CRVP
Keywords: norms, values, societies, democratic, creating
Number of Pages: 284
Published: 1999-10
ISBN-10: 156518131X
ISBN-13: 9781565181311

Author: Karel Vollers
Publisher: 010 Publishers
Keywords: orthogonal, architecture, non, creating, build, twist
Number of Pages: 303
Published: 2001-01
ISBN-10: 9064504105
ISBN-13: 9789064504105

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: homeownership, entity, nonprofit, creating, visions, guide, shared
Number of Pages: 130
ISBN-10: 142898528X
ISBN-13: 9781428985285
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