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Author: Taiwo Odunsi
Publisher: Tai Odunsi
Keywords: person, creative, principles, collabetition
Number of Pages: 146
Published: 2006-04-20
ISBN-10: 1419652206
ISBN-13: 9781419652202

Today's creative people are competing more, collaborating more, and connecting more. In a global economy dependent on creativity, they can now discover how to become more effective. Using Collabetiti

Author: David Parrish
Publisher: Merseyside ACME
Keywords: creativity, business, guide, suits, shirts
Number of Pages: 112
Published: 2007-06-12
ISBN-10: 0953825450
ISBN-13: 9780953825455

T-Shirts and Suits provides both inspiration and practical advice for all of those involved in running or setting up a creative business. Drawing on the author's experience of running a creative business and the insights he has gained during 20 years of helping hundreds of businesses (both in the UK and internationally), the book is aimed at both start-ups and established enterprises large and small. Written in an engaging and common sense style, and using authentic case studies, it provides advice on managing creative enterprises and demonstrates how the apparently different approaches of

Author: Asian Productivity Organization
Publisher: Asia Productivity Organization
Keywords: asia, entrepreneurship, creative
Number of Pages: 143
Published: 2005-01
ISBN-10: 9283323599
ISBN-13: 9789283323594

The APO co-organized the Study Meeting on Creative Entrepreneurship in Taipei, ROC, 18–21 May 2004, with the China Productivity Center. Since its inception in 1961, the APO has consistently placed great importance on the productivity and quality improvement programs and activities of its member countries. Small and medium enterprise (SME) development constitutes one of the APO’s thrust areas, and one key aspect of SME development is the fostering of entrepreneurs. The study meeting, with the theme “Creative Entrepreneurship” was a timely event. Entrepreneurs often create significant b

Author: Eve Picker
Keywords: place
Number of Pages: 138
Published: 2012-07-02
ISBN-10: 1105916413
ISBN-13: 9781105916410

Blighted neighborhoods struggle to reinvent themselves, often with expensive physical investment. The 6% Place experiment has taken a divergent path. Instead of just focusing on physical infrastructure, it looks carefully at how people, not just buildings, can drive change. Studies have shown that creative workers and industries cluster together in the center of metropolitan areas. These studies have also shown that a worker population consisting of just 6% of creative workers can tip the balance towards a neighborhood that is thriving. cityLAB is experimenting with this one simple assumption

Author: Edward Weiss
Publisher: New Age Piano Lessons
Keywords: piano, creative, free
Number of Pages: 344
Published: 2010-04-17

Have you ever wanted to just sit down at the piano and play what you feel? Without worrying if it's good enough or if you have enough 'talent?'Edward Weiss, author of "Free to be Creative at the Piano" says you can!Note: Please read the reviews before purchasing this book. It is not a technical manual. It is a philosophy or approach to playing the piano.

Author: Various
Publisher: Creative Commons
Keywords: farms
Published: 2008
eBookDB-ID: B001YJE5TS

Author: Research Programme on Social Cohesion and Integra
Publisher: HSRC Press
Keywords: streetwise, property, intellectual
Number of Pages: 20
Published: 2004-01-02
ISBN-10: 0796920850
ISBN-13: 9780796920850

The field of intellectual property is a complex one. The purpose of this booklet is to provide general information and provides the relevant contact details of sector organisations, CIPRO, the government organisation responsible for administering IP rights and many others. ContentsWhat creative workers need to know about IPDifferent IP mechanismsCheck your contractsIP rights in different creative industriesWriting and PublishingFilm and Video Music and BroadcastingArt and CraftHeritageGeneral information About the Author/sCompiled by the Research Programme on Social Cohesion and Integration o
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