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Author: Anita DeFrank
Publisher: LULU
Keywords: guide, sales, direct, ultimate
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 1 12 2005
eBookDB-ID: ML00193472

The Ultimate Direct Sales Guide provides detailed information on topics you need to know before signing up with any direct sales company. It addresses items such as finding out the companies advertising policies, quotas and territory guidelines, whether a website is included and can you do online marketing, party planning tips, money issues to look into, the companies policy on recruiting, dropshipping, etc. If you want to go into direct sales the first thing you need to do is read this book! This resource guide will help you choose the perfect Direct Sales Company. The Ultimate Direct Sales G

Author: International Rice Research Institute
Publisher: Int. Rice Res. Inst.
Keywords: rice, conference, research, august, international, seoul, korea, papers, seeded, flooded, tropics, selected, direct
Number of Pages: 121
Published: 1991-06
ISBN-10: 9712200108
ISBN-13: 9789712200106

Status and prospects of direct seeded flooded rice in tropical Asia; Concepts for a new plant type for direct seeded flooded tropical rice; Rationale for a low-tillering rice plant type with high-density grains; Direct seeding practices in India; Research status and prospects of direct seeded rice in Korea; Direct seeding practices for rice in Sri Lanka; Direct seeded rice in the temperate climates of Australia, Italy, and the United States; Germination and crop establishment of direct seeded rice in the south of France; Problems with continuous seeding of rice in Malaysia; Field leveling and

Author: Charles Michael Johnson, Jr. (au)
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: afghanistan, assistance, accountability, needed, actions, improve
Number of Pages: 48
Published: 2011
ISBN-10: 1437989292
ISBN-13: 9781437989298

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Department of Defense (DoD) award direct assistance to Afghanistan, using bilateral agreements and multilateral trust funds that provide funds through the Afghan national budget. This report assessed: (1) the extent to which the U.S., through USAID and DoD, has increased direct assistance; (2) USAID and DoD steps to ensure accountability for bilateral direct assistance; and (3) USAID and DoD steps to ensure accountability for direct assistance via multilateral trust funds for Afghanistan. The report reviewed USAID, DoD, and multilat

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: program, could, managed, effectively, loan, farm, home, administration, guaranteed, farmers
Number of Pages: 70
Published: 1995-04-01
ISBN-10: 0788116797
ISBN-13: 9780788116797

Covers: the extent of loses under the guaranteed farm loan program compared with those under the direct loan program; the extent to which the guaranteed farm loan program has graduated FmHA's direct loan borrowers to commercial credit; and ways to make the guaranteed farm loan program more of a source for funding direct loan borrowers. 14 charts and tables

Author: Jeffrey C. Steinhoff
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: federal, financial, management, improvement, systems, reviewing, loan, system, requirements, checklist, direct
Number of Pages: 70
Published: 2000-09
ISBN-10: 0756704952
ISBN-13: 9780756704957

The Federal Financial Management Improvement Act (FFMIA) of 1996 requires, among other things, that U.S. government agencies implement and maintain financial management systems that substantially comply with federal financial management systems requirements. This checklist reflects the Joint Financial Management Improvement Program's (JFMIP) revised Direct Loan System Requirements (June 1999) to assist (1) agencies in implementing and monitoring their direct loan systems, and (2) managers and auditors in reviewing their direct loan systems to determine if they substantially comply with FFMIA.

Author: Jacques Morisset
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: direct, investment, foreign, attracting, promotion, agencies, effectiveness
Number of Pages: 128
Published: 2004
ISBN-10: 0821356062
ISBN-13: 9780821356067

Investment promotion agencies (IPAs) exist in almost all countries around the world, but there has been no global attempt to determine whether they have been able to significantly influence the investor's decision to locate in one country rather than another. 'The Effectiveness of Promotion Agencies at Attracting Foreign Direct Investment' is the first empirical study of the effectiveness of these agencies in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI).This study finds that promotion is unambiguously associated with greater FDI flows. The effectiveness of promotion, however, depends on:- the qu

Author: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: investment, lithuania, direct, foreign, reviews, oecd
Number of Pages: 83
Published: 2001-09-06
ISBN-10: 9264176640
ISBN-13: 9789264176645

Since regaining its independence in 1990, Lithuania has undergone a remarkable economic transformation. By the end of 2000, this process had been greatly stimulated by the inflow of some US$2.3 billion in foreign direct investment. FDI has ...
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