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Author: Colonel Fanin
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: erotic, paintings, bronzes, statues, classical, pictures, secret, descriptions
Number of Pages: 176
ISBN-10: 1605063657
ISBN-13: 9781605063652

Author: James Joyce
Publisher: Plain Label Books
Keywords: erotic
Number of Pages: 65
ISBN-10: 1603037926
ISBN-13: 9781603037921

Author: Edna Ferber
Publisher: Plain Label Books
Keywords: romance, erotic, gigolo
Number of Pages: 268
ISBN-10: 1603037268
ISBN-13: 9781603037266

Author: Wilson Bryan Key
Publisher: Branden Books
Keywords: art, erotic, ventures, subliminal
Number of Pages: 276
Published: 1992-08
ISBN-10: 0828319510
ISBN-13: 9780828319515

Author: Sir Richard Burton
Publisher: Plain Label Books
Keywords: erotic, sutra, kama
Number of Pages: 125
ISBN-10: 1603034137
ISBN-13: 9781603034135

Author: Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch
Publisher: Plain Label Books
Keywords: erotic, furs, venus
Number of Pages: 217
ISBN-10: 1603034129
ISBN-13: 9781603034128

Author: Joanna Frueh
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: faculties, erotic
Number of Pages: 228
Published: 1996
ISBN-10: 0520200829
ISBN-13: 9780520200821

The erotic and the intellectual come together to create a new kind of criticism in the lushly written work of Joanna Frueh. Addressing sexuality in ways that are usually hidden or left unsaid, Frueh--a noted performance artist and art historian--explores subjects such as aging, beauty, love, sex, pleasure, contemporary art, and the body as a site and vehicle of knowledge. Frueh's language is explicit, graphic, fragmented. She assumes multiple voices: those of lover, prophet, daughter, mythmaker, art critic, activist, and bleeding heart. What results is an utterly original narrative that frees
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