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Author: Robert Hasinger
Publisher: Edizioni Mediterranee
Keywords: che, genera, fortuna, prosperit, casa, della, feng, shui, armonia, iniziazione
Number of Pages: 160
Published: 1999
ISBN-10: 8827213074
ISBN-13: 9788827213070

La ricerca dell'equilibrio e dell'armonia, tra le più antiche per l'essere umano, è oggi attuale come cinquemila anni fa. Gli antichi saggi cinesi, osservando la natura e l'uomo alla ricerca delle leggi fondamentali della vita, conclusero che il territorio, la casa, l'ambiente e il terreno che ospitano l'uomo possono essere più o meno propizi per l'esistenza umana, più o meno adatti alla sua crescita, salute e benessere. Essi crearono così la scienza che si occupa dell'armonia dell'uomo con il territorio: il feng shui. Nello scorrere dei millenni, l'arte del feng shui si è sviluppata e o

Author: Liu, Feng
Publisher: KIT Scientific Publishing
Keywords: merkmalsebene, auf, fr, zuknftige, fahrerassistenzsysteme, monokameradaten, und, durch, fusion, von, radar, objektverfolgung
Number of Pages: 168
Published: 2009
ISBN-10: 3866445776
ISBN-13: 9783866445772

Author: Feng, Zhuo
Publisher: Universitätsverlag Göttingen
Keywords: atmospheric, norway, spruce, ecosystem, conditions, forest, deposition, nitrogen, term, reduced, partitioning
Number of Pages: 116
ISBN-10: 3941875817
ISBN-13: 9783941875814

Author: David J. Nemeth
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: cheju, island, korea, imprinting, confucian, ideology, neo, architecture
Number of Pages: 340
Published: 1987
ISBN-10: 0520097130
ISBN-13: 9780520097131

00 Cheju Island, Korea's historic island of exile, with a harsh natural environment, early developed a negative image as human habitat. The author challenges this perception and shows how Neo-Confucian state ideology during the Yi dynasty (A.D. 1392-1910) created and conserved the island as a viable habitat by using feng-shui--a powerful medieval science of surveying--to shape the island's built environment and quality of life. The outcome, reflecting sustained political commitment to the philosophical concept of enlightened undervelopment, was a sincere landscape inhabited by a virtuous peopl

Author: John Galavan
Publisher: John Galavan
Keywords: evil, mastering
Number of Pages: 252
Published: 2004-04-05
ISBN-10: 1413712231
ISBN-13: 9781413712230

Jack and Anne Loganas Little BirdaN bed and breakfast sits quietly alongside a large marsh on the lonely northern Oregon coast. An unexpected Indian Summer brings a strange collection of guests: an aging Master of Feng-Shui; an evil female New York art dealer; a bickering couple, and a stuttering woman photographer. During the days and nights to follow, the Master must use all of his power to restore calm to the BirdaN while stopping the evil woman and her rough gang from stealing a treasure of Louis Comfort Tiffany windows and lamps from a local reclusive artist. The other guests at the Birda

Author: Feng Liu
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: global, experiences, lessons, adopters, countries, developing, building, energy, efficiency, codes, mainstreaming
Number of Pages: 469
Published: 2010
ISBN-10: 082138564X
ISBN-13: 9780821385647

Urbanization and growing wealth in developing countries portend a large increase of demand for modern energy services in residential, commercial and public-service buildings in the coming decades. Pursuing energy efficiency in buildings is vital to energy security in developing countries and is identified by the Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change as having the greatest potential for cost-effective reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030 among all energy-consuming sectors.Building energy efficiency codes (BEECs), along with energy efficiency standards for major appliances and equipment, are bro

Author: Chung Fu
Publisher: Inkwell
Keywords: tree, plum
Number of Pages: 282
Published: 2010-09-01
ISBN-10: 188737003X
ISBN-13: 9781887370035

Earth is a place of education on physical experience. These teachings of Chung Fu offer guidelines for finding one 's own higher self.Under the Plum Tree originated from trance teachings by a Fourth Century BPE colleague of Chuang Tze at private homes internationally between 1974-1977. The sessions described the bases for present day tao disciplines such as tai chi, feng shui and martial arts. Students at the readings tended to be spiritually evolved and were experiencing their final earthly reincarnations.The spiritual self is the strongest essence within your world. Your higher self has had
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