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Author: Cora Moore
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: dinners, french, little, four, twenty
Number of Pages: 146
Published: 2008-01-01
ISBN-10: 1429010886
ISBN-13: 9781429010887

Called a "masterpiece," this 1919 volume by Cora Moore introduces simplified French cooking to Americans. By concentrating on sauces, she allows the average American cook to add a French flair to their ordinary meals.

Author: Fredrik Wetterqvist
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: developments, future, prospects, current, policy, security, defence, french
Number of Pages: 172
Published: 1990
ISBN-10: 1568063474
ISBN-13: 9781568063478

Discusses and analyzes the present French security and defence policy, and the development of military doctrines and nuclear deterrence. Focuses on the French military five-year plan 1987-1991 and the political implications of the Mitterand Governments's security and defence policy decisions. Charts and tables.

Author: Jane Jenson
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: cell, crisis, communist, french, inside, view
Number of Pages: 364
Published: 1984
ISBN-10: 0520049918
ISBN-13: 9780520049918

Depicts the activities of the members of a Paris neighborhood division of the French Communist Party during the 1970s

Author: Sophie Segur
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: tales, fairy, french, old
Number of Pages: 300
Published: 2010-03-31
ISBN-10: 1429011866
ISBN-13: 9781429011860

A wonderful book by Sophie Rostopchine, Comtesse De Segur (1799-1874) of 5 timeless French fairy tales, magnificently illustrated with beautiful and dramatic black-and-white drawings by Virginia Frances Sterrett (1900-1931). De Segur, a French writer of Russian descent, wrote numerous books, the most famous of which was Les Malheurs de Sophie (Sophie's Misfortunes). Done when she was only 19 years of age, this was Chicago-born Sterrett's first book. She is often called the "female Kay Nielsen," referring to the renowned Danish fairy tale illustrator.

Author: Ronald Tiersky
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: security, policy, french, future, legacy, mitterrand
Number of Pages: 80
Published: 1995-06-01
ISBN-10: 0788127144
ISBN-13: 9780788127144

Contents: Background (France & Post-Cold War European Security; Mitterrand's Legacy); Chap. 2, Concepts & Doctrine (the new nexus of security & integration; the security concern of Muslim fundamentalism, etc.); Chap. 3, Some French Military Trends (Force Development: the 1995-2000 Military Plan; Mitterrand's Nuclear Legacy; the Nuclear Test Moratorium); Chap. 4, Institutional Developments (the Balladur Cohabitation Government; a French-British Defense Axis; an Inter-African Peacekeeping Force?); Chap. 5, After Mitterrand

Author: Pierre Blot
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: professional, cooks, ladies, cookery, practical, handbook
Number of Pages: 490
Published: 2008-08-01
ISBN-10: 1429012722
ISBN-13: 9781429012720

Published in 1868 by renowned cooking teacher Pierre Blot, The Handbook of Practical Cookery for Ladies and Professional Cooks is a masterwork of French Cookery. An enigmatic figure, Blot came to America as a refugee from Napoleonic France and in 1865 he opened Professor Blot's Culinary Academy of Design in New York City, arguably the first French cooking school in America. This book is an extension of these classes, in which he taught that French cookery emphasized the "good things in life" making one's mind and body better.

Author: Brigitte Stern
Publisher: United Nations University Press
Keywords: guide, french, policies, operations, keeping, nations, peace, united
Number of Pages: 166
Published: 1998
ISBN-10: 928081009X
ISBN-13: 9789280810097

This book on France's participation in peacekeeping operations features contributions from a scholar of politics, a law professor, and a military general. Marie-Claude Smouts subtly situates French attitudes towards peacekeeping operations; Yves Daudet analyzes peacekeeping operations' legal aspects and the problems raised by parliamentary control over their finances. The analysis is completed by Gen. Philippe Morillon, who as commander of UNPROFOR from 1992-1993 knew Srebrenica before that town met its tragic fate. These different perspectives illuminate the dedicated French involvement in Un
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