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Author: Louise Lewis
Publisher: No Experts Needed
Keywords: according, life, meaning, needed, experts
Number of Pages: 233
Published: 2007-05
ISBN-10: 0595429718
ISBN-13: 9780595429714

Losing a job always delivers a hard blow, but it was especially hard for forty-something author Louise Lewis, one of many victims of the technology industry's dotcom implosion. "No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!" tells the story of how she pulled herself together and discovered a new life of meaning. Just minutes after being "set free," Lewis, a single woman with a mortgage to pay, sits in the San Jose, California, airport panicking over her future. While toying with the option of giving into depression, she receives a powerful message from God that instantly releases th

Author: Pradeep Trikha
Publisher: Sarup & Sons
Keywords: textuality, metamorphosis, meaning, mahabharata, inter, myth
Number of Pages: 234
Published: 2006-01-01
ISBN-10: 8176256919
ISBN-13: 9788176256919

Papers presented at the National Seminar on Textuality and Intertextuality in the Mahabharata : Myth, Meaning and Metamorphosis held at Ajmer.

Author: Juerg Rohrer
Publisher: Book Series: Time for Change
Keywords: meaning, life, development, personal, awareness, abc
Number of Pages: 144
Published: 2007-11-29
ISBN-10: 1419680625
ISBN-13: 9781419680625

What drives us as human beings? Why do we exist? This book explains human development with simple models. It shows ways of achieving a life full of meaning, harmony and happiness.

Author: Rav Michael Laitman PhD
Publisher: Bnei Baruch/Laitman Kabbalah
Keywords: life, meaning, science, kabbalah
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2006-09-15
ISBN-10: 0973826894
ISBN-13: 9780973826890

Kabbalah, Science & the Meaning of Life traces the milestones of the evolution of science with which we are familiar, such as Newton’ss and Einstein’ss theories but goes further to present the science of Kabbalah as the basis for understanding the hidden parts of reality which scientists are now discovering. While other sciences research the definable world around us, Kabbalah teaches us how the spontaneous changes occurring within us affect our surrounding reality. The wisdom of Kabbalah enables us to monitor those changes and control them, and in so doing change our world for the

Author: Peyton Craig McElroy
Publisher: Stanford University
Keywords: things, putting, value, redemption
Number of Pages: 280
Published: 2011

This dissertation offers a theory of a solution to the problem of lost meaning in life due to regrettable, past events. Each of us wishes for a meaningful life, but each of us, too, is vulnerable to threats to the meaning in life. The dissertation argues that a phenomenon called redemption can restore lost meaningfulness, and increase the value of our lives, overall. The first step in the argument is to demonstrate the need for a new model of redemption. The next step is to argue that redemption is a matter of transforming the meaning of events in our lives from bad to good in a thick, eudaimo

Authors: Lou Qingxi,  Zhang Lei & Yu Hong,
Publisher: China Intercontinental Pre
Keywords: gardens, chinese
Number of Pages: 151
Published: 2003-01-01
ISBN-10: 7508503678
ISBN-13: 9787508503677

Chinese Gardens recounts the history and development of Chinese gardens and their architectures. The author uses b&w and color pictures to explain various types of gardens and describes their meaning to the Chinese. This is a very useful book to learn more about Chinese culture by reading about the intricacy and profundity of Chinese gardens. Chinese Gardens is about the history and evolution, and the art and techniques of Chinese gardens and their architectures. The author compares the gardens with the appearance of natural landscapes and describes their meaning to the Chinese, and the Chines

Author: Unknown
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: baptizein, meaning
Number of Pages: 195
ISBN-10: 1440066744
ISBN-13: 9781440066740
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