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Author: Ralph A. Cossa
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: security, asian, northeast, powers, major
Number of Pages: 83
Published: 1996-06
ISBN-10: 078813647X
ISBN-13: 9780788136474

Addresses the future roles & interests of the four major Asia-Pacific powers (the U.S., Japan, China & Russia) & how their policies will affect security in Northeast Asia &, more specifically, on the Korean Peninsula as we enter the 21st century. Each of these powers is undergoing a transition of sorts. In the case of of the U.S. & possibly Japan, the changes may be more of style than substance, but will impact their respective foreign policy outlooks nevertheless. In the case of China & especially Russia, the potential for significant change is much greater.

Author: Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: shadows, affluence, caring, cleaning, immigrant, workers, domstica
Number of Pages: 326
Published: 2001
ISBN-10: 0520214730
ISBN-13: 9780520214736

As American women have entered the labor force in greater numbers, the traditional work of wives and mothers--cleaning houses and caring for children--has gradually moved into the global marketplace. Paid domestic work has largely become the domain of disenfranchised immigrant women of color. Unlike the working poor who toil in factories and fields, these women see, touch, and breathe the material and emotional world of their employers' homes. They scrub grout, coax reluctant children to eat their vegetables, launder and fold clothes, dust, vacuum, and witness intimate family dynamics. In this

Author: Neil Jumonville
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: postwar, america, intellectuals, york, crossings, new, critical
Number of Pages: 338
Published: 1991
ISBN-10: 0520068580
ISBN-13: 9780520068582

The period immediately following the Second World War was a time, observed Randall Jarrell, when many American writers looked to the art of criticism as the representative act of the intellectual. Rethinking this interval in our culture, Neil Jumonville focuses on the group of writers and thinkers who founded, edited, and wrote for some of the most influential magazines in the country, including Partisan Review, Politics, Commentary, and Dissent. In their rejection of ideological, visionary, and romantic outlooks, reviewers and essayists such as Sidney Hook, Irving Howe, Lionel Trilling, Harol

Author: Carlos A. Primo Braga
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: time, different, crisis, financial, debt, sovereign
Number of Pages: 528
Published: 2010-11-16
ISBN-10: 082138483X
ISBN-13: 9780821384831

In the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, governments worldwide undertook massive fiscal interventions to stave off what otherwise would have likely been a system-wide financial and economic meltdown. The policy responses engendered significant shifts in growth trajectories and debt sustainability outlooks of both mature and developing economies. For Low Income Countries, post-crisis debt sustainability analyses show an average deterioration of 5-7 percentage points in the present value of public debt-to-GDP ratio in 2009-10 compared with pre-crisis projections, and stay in the area of 30 p

Author: International Energy Agency
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: review, special, countries, iea, policies, energy
Number of Pages: 544
Published: 2004-10-15
ISBN-10: 9264108033
ISBN-13: 9789264108035

Publication description Energy Policies of IEA Countries: 2004 Review - Special 30th Anniversary Edition Directorate: IEA International Energy Agency OECD Code 612004231P1 ISBN 9264108033 Language English Medium Print (Paperback) Publication Date 13/12/2004 Status Available Embargo date 02/12/2004 11:00 Periodicity REG-61051P1 (Annual) Links Other Versions PDF Format (Available) including E-book version Energy Policies of IEA Countries: 2004 Review - Special 30th Anniversary Edition (Available, English, E-book) Production No. pages: 542 No. tables: 0 No. graphics: 0 No. maps: 0 No. photos: 0 F
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