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Author: IUCN/SSC Pigs and Peccaries Specialist Group
Publisher: IUCN
Keywords: conservation, action, plan, survey, status, peccaries, hippos, pigs
Number of Pages: 220
Published: 1993
ISBN-10: 2831701414
ISBN-13: 9782831701417

Author: R. A. Donkin
Publisher: American Philosophical Society
Keywords: new, world, pigs, introduction, observations, peccary
Number of Pages: 166
Published: 1985-10
ISBN-10: 0871697556
ISBN-13: 9780871697554

Author: National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Lab
Publisher: National Academies
Keywords: hamsters, rabbits, report, gerbils, pigs, infectious, diseases, guinea, guide
Number of Pages: 16
Published: 1974
eBookDB-ID: NAP:14536

Author: Carl Sommer
Publisher: Advance Publishing, Inc.
Keywords: pigs, little, three
Number of Pages: 26
Published: 2000-07-01
ISBN-10: 1575370638
ISBN-13: 9781575370637

The three little pigs were warned to build strong houses. Hardy built a strong house, but Dozey and Pokey built shabby ones. After narrowly escaping from the wolf, Dozey and Pokey have a dramatic change of mind.Dozey, Pokey, and Hardy were warned to build strong houses because of the big bad wolf. Dozey and Pokey built shabby houses, but Hardy worked hard to build a strong house. After narrowly escaping from the wolf, Dozey and Pokey have a dramatic change of mind.When Dozy, Pokey, and Hardy went out into the world, Papa and Mama warned them to build strong houses because of the big bad wolf.D

Author: Hugh Marriott
Publisher: Polperro Heritage Press
Keywords: caring, guide, pig, selfish
Number of Pages: 356
Published: 2003-10-24
ISBN-10: 0954423313
ISBN-13: 9780954423315

Millions of people provide unpaid care for disabled or elderly relatives, friends, or neighbors. Their job is long, lonely, and hard, yet there is limited support and no formal training. As a result, carers suffer frequent damage to their physical and mental health. Though carers by definition are anything but "selfish pigs," they are also liable to feelings of guilt that are often brought on by fatigue and isolation. This guide is designed to provide support for carers of every variety and air commonly ignored topics that arise when providing care. Humorous and uplifting in tone, this is the

Author: L Frank Baum
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: land
Number of Pages: 301
Published: 2011-05-11
ISBN-10: 1440060517
ISBN-13: 9781440060519

had forbidden any other Witch to exist in her dominions. So Tip's guardian, however much she might aspire to working magic, realized it was unlawful to be more than a Sorceress, or at most a Wizardess. Tip was made to carry wood from the forest, that the old woman might boil her pot. He also worked in the corn-fields, hoeing and husking; and he fed the pigs and milked the four-horned cow that was Mombi's especial pride. But you must not suppose he worked all the time, for he felt that would be bad for him. When sent to the forest Tip often climbed trees for birds' eggs or amused himself chasin

Author: Brett Alexander Savory
Publisher: Necro Publicatio
Keywords: travelled, distance
Number of Pages: 270
Published: 2006-01-01
ISBN-10: 1889186627
ISBN-13: 9781889186627

"A completely unique take on life in hell. Snappy dialog and a bizarre backdrop set this adventure tale apart from the pack." --Christopher Moore, author of Practical Demonkeeping, The Stupidest Angel, and Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal Why have certain denizens of Hell taken to throwing farm animals through innocent folks’ kitchen windows? How long does it take a dead, desiccated gas attendant to walk out to his pumps? What sort of relationship do the Lord of the Underworld and Hell’s Head Torturer have besides the obvious professional one? What kind of
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