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Publisher: Quotations Book
Keywords: publicity, quotes
Number of Pages: 6

Author: Daniel I. Gordon
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: media, analysts, officers, military, defense, retired, department
Number of Pages: 11
Published: 2010-08
ISBN-10: 1437921647
ISBN-13: 9781437921649

This report provides an opinion on whether the DoD violated the appropriations prohibition on publicity or propaganda in its 2002 through 2008 outreach to retired military officers (RMO) who served as media analysts. The auditor concluded that the outreach program did not violate the publicity or propaganda prohibition. Although there is no doubt that DoD attempted to favorably influence public opinion with respect to DoD's war policies in Iraq and Afghanistan through RMOs with conf. calls, meetings, travel and access to senior DoD officials, the auditor found no evidence that DoD attempted to

Author: Susan A. Poling
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: news, propaganda, prohibition, testimony, publicity, congressional, stories, releases, unattributed, prepackaged, video, violate
Number of Pages: 10
Published: 2008-05-01
ISBN-10: 1422310574
ISBN-13: 9781422310571

In recent years, fed. agencies have been increasing their use of video news releases (VNRs), which frequently include prepackaged news stories. The prepackaged news stories are distributed to local TV news stations & are designed to resemble actual news stories. By eliminating the costs & effort of producing an original news story, agencies can find news stations willing to broadcast a favorable news segment on a desired topic. The author examined prepackaged news storied produced by the Dept. of Health & Human Serv. & the Office of Nat. Drug Control Policy & evaluated whether these materials

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: drug, program, community, anti, start, abuse, action, volunteer
Number of Pages: 53
Published: 1994-01-01
ISBN-10: 0788103830
ISBN-13: 9780788103834

A reference for anyone seeking to expand drug-abuse prevention activities in their community. Designed to lead you through a logical progression, from defining the problem, to setting a goal, to setting up a volunteer organization, raising funds, and getting publicity. It will also point out some of the pitfalls to organization creation and management and help you navigate around them. Illustrations.

Author: Vernon J. Ehlers
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: february, tuesday, communications, secure
Number of Pages: 98
Published: 1997-06
ISBN-10: 0788149628
ISBN-13: 9780788149627

Hearing on the various types of security risks to communications systems, such as privacy, computer hackers & electronic commerce, encryption, corporate espionage, espionage by terrorists or foreign enemies, & security of telephone lines, particularly security of cellular transmissions. One area of major concern that receives virtually no publicity but which is very important, particularly in the world of commerce & government, is the authenticity of the messages being transmitted.

Author: Roy Tennant
Publisher: Roy Tennant
Keywords: grodzins, lipow, anne, honor, libraries, essays, technology
Number of Pages: 128
Published: 2008-07-14
ISBN-10: 0615212123
ISBN-13: 9780615212128

festschrift: "a usually miscellaneous volume of writings from several hands for a celebration."Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, unabridged, Springfield, MA: G. & C. Merriam Company, 1976.A few of Anne’s many friends and colleagues are celebrating her life with essays published as a festschrift both online and in print. The online version is available here for free downloading, since breaking publishing molds was one of the things that Anne did best. A publicity flyer is also available.

Author: Human Rights Watch (Organization)
Publisher: Human Rights Watch
Keywords: tibet, sensitive, stories, media, shutting, forbidden, zones, china
Number of Pages: 73
Published: 2008
ISBN-10: 1564323579
ISBN-13: 9781564323576

Both the Chinese government and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) touted these Games as an historic catalyst for wider openness for the one-party state. The Chinese government's 2001 bid to host the 2008 Olympics was successful in part because China pledged to improve media freedom and the IOC believed that international attention to China would help improve the human rights situation. Indeed, in January 2007, the Chinese government adopted new temporary regulations designed to allow foreign journalists to travel freely across China and speak with any consenting interviewee. As this re
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